Bahinga, A Hidden Paradise in Flores

Bahinga Village, is a village located in the easternmost district of Flores Island, East Flores District, with its capital is Larantuka. The village is also located in the easternmost sub-district of Flores Island, Tanjung Bunga sub-district. To reach this village, can be reached by four-wheel vehicle for 3 hours, because of poor street access.

villager on the bay

I visited this village in 2013, precisely in June 2013, when I was assigned by an office, an international child-care agency, into this district. After a 3 day adjustment period at Larantuka, I left there by Mitsubishi Strada. The path I took was pretty “awesome”, where the car I was traveling on had to pass through cobbled, muddy, and swampy streets. Near the village, our car had passed a fairly narrow streets. My driver said that the street was originally made wide. But at the time of the great earthquake in 1992, this line was lost by half because of the tsunami.

After 3 hours of a is quite-tiring travel, then we arrived at the Village Bahinga. No electricity…!!! Wow … !!! No mobile phone signal … !!! Oh … oh … can I live in this village? As soon as my mind wondered.

I lived at the house of an elementary school principal with his wife who works as a teacher at the same school. They have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. The first day I went through more living at home and visiting my neighbor’s house, introducing myself. The morning of the second day, I started walking around the house, and headed for the beach. And you know what I had seen ??? A magnificent beach scene in the morning … !!! It was so AMAZING !!! Unfortunately, I did not bring a camera. Hufffttt …The next morning, I went back to the beach, carrying my Nikon D40X and a tripod. I then captured the beautiful scenery.

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Bahinga Village is in a bay. Therefore, many fishes are located in the village. Fishes that if in Jakarta are very expensive, here I could buy them with a very cheap price.

Red fish

The village of Bahinga, like other areas on the island of Flores, the majority are devout Catholics. And I was very lucky to be able to visit the village at the time of the Mother Mary, where Catholics celebrated the days of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the direction of Pope Pius IX, as she announces the dogma of “Immaculate Conception” stained “in 1854. Villagers of Bahinga celebrate the Month of Mary by parading the statue of Our Lady around the village at night, and ending in the church.

With its natural scenery, natural wealth, and traditions, Bahinga Village is a paradise. A hidden paradise on an island, named Island Flores …

natural bounty

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