I Practiced Yoga Naked Every Day For A Week And It Taught Me To Be Kind To My Body (via Elite Daily)

Namaste nude.

Every yogi has a reason for why they started practicing, and why they continue. My yoga journey began promptly after a panic attack landed me in my doctor’s office with EKG chords spread out on my chest like a dartboard. It’s been a long time since I’ve endured a panic attack as intense as that one, but I continue my yoga practice as a way of sustaining a healthy relationship with my physical body, as well as the mixed emotions of love and resentment I sometimes feel toward it. To celebrate National Yoga Month and take my practice one giant step further, I set out to learn how to do yoga naked without passing judgment on my outer shell. I committed to five days on the mat, clad only in my birthday suit, and completed my experiment with a newfound sense of gratitude.

Read source: http://elitedaily.com/wellness/practiced-yoga-naked-every-day-week-taught-kind-body/2077664/

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