I took off my clothes and prejudices to spend a day at a nudist camping (via Código Nuevo)

Nudism. It is done. Only by listening to the word is it almost inevitable that you have imagined a beach with people in balls, surely older and without hair, who likes to exhibit and look at others doing the same. But you only have to googling this word to know that our conception of naturism, a movement much wider than nudism ‘to dry’, is still a sack of prejudice. For me, as a millennial woman who every day tries not to judge her body, I am still unable to do topless if there is any member of my family or some man whom I know and who is not my partner. So, I thought, if so many people do, a lot of good must have and I want to know what it is. And I went to look for him, this time completely naked , to one of those centers of respect for body and nature: a nudist camping.

Read source: http://www.codigonuevo.com/pase-un-dia-en-un-camping-naturista/

curator’s note Original in Spanish

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