Inside an Erotic Dance Pageant at a Nudist Resort (via Vice)

The annual Nudes-a-Poppin’ pageant was way more misogynistic than I’d anticipated.

When I arrive at Nudes-a-Poppin’ (NAP) nudist pageant and festival appears like any other outdoor summer event; there are parking attendants, ticket takers, and Rihanna’s latest hit playing in the distance. However, it’s the comments and catcalls I receive as I walk through the crowd that make it clear the festival is not your typical gathering. I’m frequently stopped by men who ask to take their picture with me; after I agree, many wrap their arms around my chest and try to lift up my shirt like some sort of 7th grade movie theater date move. I’m also bombarded by questions: “Shouldn’t you be on the other side of the camera?” and “What time is your performance?” and “I showed you mine, can you show me yours?”

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curator’s note This is the kind of thing that undermines the normalization of simple nudity. This is not a nudist event, it is an event for voyeurs gawkers and the like.

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    sassycoupleok 12 months ago

    We have never been to this event but have seen the pics from it for years. It’s definitely a nude event and you see every inch plus a little more of the nude contestants. No it is not a typical nudist event !!

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