Population of naturist tradition (via Ecologistas y Naturistas)

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In the following document we present two towns of naturist tradition. Probably among them there are their differences between a culture of social nudism and the purest naturism. In any case, in all of them, freedom and conservation of the environment is a recognized emblem. Let us not forget that for the naturist it is a way of life , a philosophy with which to confront the day to day. It is a way to undress in body and soul. He also travels with his family and young children take nudity as normal. The first village that we present is probably the one that best defines the culture of naturist life.

Read source: https://infonudismo.wordpress.com/2017/09/20/me-quite-la-ropa-y-los-prejuicios-para-pasar-un-dia-en-un-camping-nudista/

curator’s note Original in Spanish

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