Wanting the clothes-free life (via The Hutchinson News)

Dear Annie: I’m a man in my 30s who is a nudist at heart. Though I enjoy doing things clothes-free, my wife, “Jamie,” does not. Jamie has gone with me to a nude beach — and “participated” — only once, and that was as a gift for my quitting smoking.

Jamie reluctantly allows me to attend one nudist event a year, but I have found myself wanting to do more — doing online research about different nudist sites in my area.

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Naked wines: nude grape pickers brave harvest in the buff (via The Drinks Business)

A group of naturists braved the inclement French weather to pick grapes completely nude, with only a plastic poncho to protect themselves from the elements.

Seven men and one woman took to a small parcel of vineyard in the commune of Crest in Puy-de-Dôme, in central France, earlier this month to pick grapes as nature intended, completely naked, as reported by connexionfrance.com.

A local by-law allows the naturists to harvest for a set amount of time, and in a clearly-defined area of the vineyard, with the remote location meaning they were unlikely to be seen by a member of the public.

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Watch Out, Apple Is Curating Your Sexy Selfies (via Inc.com)

Well, the algorithm is looking for bra selfies. But it’s finding nudes also.

On Monday, many Twitter users who have iPhones were surprised to discover that Apple has been quietly categorizing their bikini photos, bra selfies, and various nude pictures and making them easily searchable under the tag “Brassiere.”

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Naked Instagrammer travels across Australia nude to prove the naked body isn’t sexual (via metro.co.uk)

Being tall, slim, blonde and naked, however, can take your market appeal to the next level. So it’s no wonder that one Dutch traveller has become such a hit on Instagram. Sterre, 21, is travelling around Australia naked in a bid to prove that ‘being nude is not sexual or weird’. a.naked.girl poses by pools, on rocks, beaches and in woodland clearings completely in the buff, with only her bikini tan lines and a hat or rucksack as accessories. And needless to say, they’re going down a storm.

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naked yoga goddess clothes free yogi you should know

The body is Divine by Design. Women are portals and vessels of the Earth that every Human Being had to pass through. This is an initiation Humans go through before taking the physical journey on Earth. A woman’s body is a glimpse of divinity in the flesh. The Naked Yoga Experience invites women to shed the layers of anything that does not serve them. 90 minutes dedicated to encourage women to have an intimate conversation with their bodies. A space where women can feel Safe, Loved and Free to celebrate their nakedness. This class is an experience for women to explore the functionality of their bodies compassionately, lovingly, and with total approval.

Kimberly first started to do Yoga in her living room with Rodney Yee DVDs, in 2000, because that was the only way she could afford Yoga. Those videos inspired a new way of life, focus, and thought. She’s certified in Bikram and Vinyasa Yoga she likes to joke, she can “hold and flow.” She believes Yoga keeps her connected, rooted, and open to Divinity. Yoga: the union of mind, body, and breath, brings alignment and synchronicity into her life. Naked mirror work was an intuitive practice Kim used to help her find her way back to herself. Joined with Yoga, this practice became a tool-her map through the labyrinth of life’s journey, a way back to remembering “Self.” On her Yoga mat, she learned to slow down and look at life…pose by pose. Kimberly Simms is The Pleasured Mom!

She is at the forefront of change and ushering in a new wave of inspiring pleasurable mothering. Kimberly motivates mothers all over the world to live a pleasure centered life. There is an absolute need to create a new dynamic to nurture children so moms can leave behind the old paradigm of Motherhood like martyrdom and narcissism and shift into a new normal….mothering from an overflow of transparency, self-care, and self-love. Kimberly’s motto is, “Giving life doesn’t mean my life has to end.” Her pleasures are blogging about, and showing images of flirty family fun, Kim is a motivational speaker, intuitive healing coach and an aspiring writer. She also finds pleasure in Femme! and Yoga. The creation of The Naked Yoga Experience was inspired by a love and compassion that rippled from Kim getting through a great depression. The loss of her mother unexpectedly in 2014, was so painful only love could get her through it. Love of self and shedding any and all that didn’t serve her. Naked Yoga is all about her loving the skin she’s in…every curve, scar, blemish, and so called imperfection.

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Nobody knows? Does it matter? (via MojoNude)

I’m sure somebody knows or maybe a lot of people know that I’m a nudist, a naturists, or someone who prefers to be nude. Does it really matter? It’s not exactly a secret. If anyone doesn’t know, it’s only because they haven’t made an effort to find out or because they haven’t asked. I’m fine with that, not everyone has to know. I don’t need affirmations for my beliefs or my life philosophies. N

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Statue of Naked Woman Is Blocked From National Mall (via Matt Stevens)

The National Park Service denied a permit submitted by a group that sought to bring the 45-foot-tall steel sculpture to Washington.

The National Park Service has blocked activists from installing a giant sculpture of a nude woman on the National Mall in Washington.

In a letter on Wednesday to the group seeking to install the statue, the park service’s acting regional director, Rick Obernesser, said that the agency had chosen to deny requests to put the 45-foot-tall sculpture, titled “R-Evolution,” “on the turf or hardscape near the Washington Monument.”

Placing the piece on the turf for 91 days was likely to “significantly damage” the grounds, he wrote. Putting such a tall sculpture near the base of the Washington Monument, he said, was “likely to have an adverse effect on the aesthetics, including the cultural identity, of the area.”

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Good Naked Morning: In a World of Manmade Artifices, Have We Lost Touch with our Roots? (via Clothing Optional)

So I’ve been thinking lately about advertising I’ve seen on network television lately. You see ads all the time for products that make our world a better place…but are they really? The way people predict the “future” of American society seriously makes we want to throw up—back in Back to the Future Part II (from 1989), they predicted 2015 to be a year of flying cars and smart computers that would take place of real people at the office. Well, thank heavens, we haven’t come as far as flying cars being the norm—the majority of our cars are still planted firmly on the ground. But even today, you have computer machines you can put in your home, you know what I’m taking about, in which you can tell them to do things for you—make lists, ask them questions, make them basically do almost everything for you. Have we really made our world a better place with these products like these tech geeks want to make us believe, or have we just made our kind more lazy?

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