Naked yoga is the latest hot trend in fitness (via The Loop)

Get rid of your stress and your clothing.

Move over hot yoga, boozy yoga, goat yoga and all other forms of trendy meditation. While we love your sweaty warriors, tipsy pigeons and innovative crows, there’s a new fitness trend, and it’s the most empowering form of the practice you’ve seen yet.

As any yogi knows, the art of yoga is meant to be about connecting with our bodies and finding inner quiet and strength. It also happens to be a great way to tone and lengthen muscles while giving us a good, all-around stretch. Well, what better way to do that than to do it in the nude?

Okay so we haven’t seen any full-on naked yoga classes just yet, but thanks to a woman known on social media as Nude Yoga Girl, the practice is starting to become more common with yoga lovers online. Since late 2015, Nude Yoga Girl has been posting tasteful and artistic shots of herself striking up classic yoga poses in the nude, and they’re pretty much the epitome of gorgeous.

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