Here’s how Phoenix ended up with so many naked statues downtown (via azcentral)

Powerful businessmen had the clout to push back against government resistance and put almost two dozen statues of naked people in downtown Phoenix.

For the capital of a state with a national reputation for being conservative, Phoenix sure has a lot of naked people downtown.

They are statuesque, or more precisely, statues.

There are more than 20 artworks in the altogether permanently scattered throughout the downtown area.

And they are there, for the most part, because of powerful businessmen who pushed past social norms and government criticism in order to plunk the bare bronzes in the center of the city.

The statues have since become part of the scenery in Phoenix, a seemingly unexpected sight that has become accepted.

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The insincerity of the female nude (via Cherwell)

Women should not be afraid to reclaim their naked bodies, writes Priya Vempali

John Berger once wrote: “To be naked is to be oneself. To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognised for oneself.”

These are the words which ring in my ears as I stroll through the halls of an art gallery, confronted by a never-ending stream of breasts, lips, cheeks, and hair – these are faces without stories, mouths without voices, smiles without substance.

As a woman, you become accustomed to seeing your own image reflected wherever you look, in a glamourised, beautified format. However, something about seeing the female form anatomised, deconstructed and rebuilt according to the male gaze never fails to astound me. It’s a disconcerting experience, only ever seeing reflections of your gender from an outsider’s perspective.

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A Guide to Nudism and Naturism in Austria (via TripSavvy)

Check out these resources for tourists to visit naturist (FKK in German) parks and nude beaches in Austria, including nude accommodations.

Austrians have taken the title of ‘Most Likely to Go Nude at a Beach’ from the Germans, in a naked wrestling match no-one wanted to see, with a quarter of the country saying they have stripped off in public on vacation at some point in their lives.

Although many consider Austrians to be a formal and rather conservative people, the extent of nudity in Austrian culture may surprise the visitor to Austria.

As in many European countries, nudity is more prevalent on television and films in Austria than it is in the US.

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Sarah Silverman Explains the Full-Frontal Nudity ‘I Love You, America’ (via The Hollywood Reporter)

The comedian reveals why she had two audience members sit naked during the premiere episode of her Hulu variety show.
The debut episode of Sarah Silverman’s brand new Hulu variety show I Love You, America features some startling full-frontal nudity. The moment comes during the comedian’s opening monologue, in which she tells the crowd that instead of picturing the audience naked, she’d prefer to see some real-life nudity.

The camera quickly turns to two of the show’s attendees, Scott and Stella, both seated in their chairs completely naked, prompting a mix of gasps and giggles from the rest of the crowd. With a grin on her face, Silverman greets Scott and instructs the cameraman to pan down to his “pubes,” as she puts it. “Great penis, Scott,” she explains, before turning her attention to Stella and her privates.

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Only in France: Frenchman strips naked to protest at Paris council meeting (via

The French love of a naked protest was once again in evidence at a Paris council meeting this week.

The latest in a long line of nude protest stunts in France was carried out by Benoit Delol at a council meeting in the 14th arrondissement of Paris on Monday night.

Delol’s surprise act, which appeared organised rather than spontaneous and was supported by a few accomplices according to reports, was carried out to defend his organisation “Mon Premier Bureau”.

Delol stripped off and paraded in front of those gathered while holding a sign which said, “No to the eviction of ‘Mon Premier Bureau'” — his co-working space company.

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For Discussion: Why Aren’t Nude Selfies Considered as Normal as Face Selfies? (via Black Girl with Long Hair)

Remember the cell phone hacking scandal of 2014, when a bunch of woman celebrities had their nude selfies leaked? I’ll admit it at the time I wondered, ‘Why the HELL would you keep NUDE selfies on your cell phone?

Um, fast forward a few years and my phone is crammed… and I mean CRAMMED with nude selfies, right alongside pictures of my kids, my storefront and various Brooklyn sunsets. Like, when people ask to see pics of my kids I have to cup my hands around my phone and scroll through about a couple dozen nude selfies before I get to th

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Nude art and censorship laid bare (via CNN)

An exploration of the historic ties between censorship and nude art.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of an exhibition of paintings by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, at the Berthe Weill gallery in Paris. The exhibition, displaying a number of nude works, was too much for some and shut down within hours of its opening. The police commissioner at the time had been offended by the depiction of pubic hair.

“It really did shock people,” said Nancy Ireson, one of the curators of a new exhibition of Modigliani’s paintings at Tate Modern, “and some of the paintings had to be taken down.”

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5 Tips for going nude in Greece (via Naked Wanderings)

If you’re planning to go to Greece for your next nakation, have a look at these 5 tips that could save your life (so to speak)

If you’ve been following us via this blog or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter during the last months, you probably noticed that we’ve spent a lot of time in Greece. A real necessity, even if we only wanted to get the slightest impression of the country. When you look at the country on the map, it doesn’t seem very big. Its size is roughly the same as Austria and Switzerland combined and a bus ride from one side to the other rarely takes more than several hours. What people tend to forget (well, at least we did) is that Greece has over 6000 islands. It’s like the Japan of Europe, but with better options for the nudies.

We don’t want to call ourselves a reference for nudism in Greece, even though we’ve spent a lot of time in the country, we know that we’ve only seen a fraction of it. But from our experiences we’re sure that we can give you some valuable tips when it comes to getting naked.

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what is wrong with nudity – Aditya

I was taking shower this morning.

Everybody were taking shower.

I was naked when I was taking shower, and I can be sure that everybody also naked when they were taking shower.

So, is there any problem with nudity? The problem is not lies on nudity. The problem lies on our mind when we are looking people naked.

So, free your mind, and see nudity as a common thing.

Warm regards,


#NakedAndHappy #IndonesianNudist

When to stop your kids seeing you naked? Parents are confused (via Starts at 60)

Dedicated naturists aside, most people have a cut-off point. What was yours?

At what age should you stop allowing your children to see you naked?

Nope, not your age – kids don’t seem to mind too much if bits are sagging more than they used to, though they may well comment on it! – but the child’s age.

Some parents are sticklers for privacy from as soon as their bundle of joy can crawl or toddle into the bathroom, while others are still letting it all hang out when they’re offspring are entering their teens.

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