Nudity in pool locker rooms: natural or offensive? (via Montreal Gazette)

It never occurred to the 67-year-old healing facilitator and former engineer that it was inappropriate to take all his clothes off in the locker room to shower and change.

But the South Shore municipality informed swimmers in its November newsletter that nudity is forbidden in changing rooms.

“The city would like to remind users of the public pools that in the changing rooms, they must be clothed, covered up or use the cubicles or toilets,” aquatic supervisor Dominique Lavigne wrote in an email to Bérard after he sent a query about the new rules.

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  1. Jasen 1 year ago

    Insanity. Children might see nude adults? Oh, no! The horror! They want to erase gender by having a single locker room, but then they want to hide gender by prohibiting seeing human bodies. And once they build these single room facilities, a whole generation of children will be taught to hide their bodies in shame & fear. So sad.

  2. barechristian avatar
    Harold 1 year ago

    This is totally ridiculous. If I am not permitted to be nude in a public pool locker room I will vote with my feet and boycott that facility.

  3. William 1 year ago

    I was curious about this article so i clicked the link. And it’s Canada, why am i not surprised. The levels of dumb ideas that come out of Canadian bureaucracy are legendary. Its like they have nothing else better to do then screw with what works and break it.

    • natfabart avatar
      natfabart 1 year ago

      As I am Canadian I find your comment rather offensive. The United States can learn a lot from us especially regarding health care. The level of dumb ideas as you so put it had nothing to do with the Canadian bureaucracy but with municipal by-laws passed in a suburb of Montreal. Thank you. Fabien

  4. natfabart avatar
    NudeFab 1 year ago

    I am still shaking my head about this one. I am originally from Montreal and can’t believe that this will now be a trend that is taking place in public pools. I totally agree with Mr. Bérard that taking a shower should not be done in your swimsuit. I think society is truly taking a step backwards with nudity but considering all the sex abuse allegations taking place this might be the catalyst to ban nudity everywhere. Sad.

    • natfabart avatar
      NudeFab 1 year ago

      Sorry, meant to say, should not be done in your swimsuit.

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