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The weight has been lifted an African American newbie

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I’m a newbie to the nudist world so Im still adjusting in being free, haven’t ventured outside my home yet…

When you have something deep inside but afraid to express it due to what people and family think if you and when you decide to break from that burden, that weight is lifted and you can live your truth. Nudism has helped me do that.

It started for me when I experienced a few nude photo sessions and thats what made me open up, accept my truth and start to feel liberated and loving me. Sleeping nude has always been apart of me, the only thing that limits it  at times is being a single Mom lol!

Would love to try a nude beach definitely a bucketlist item. One thing I’ve had a concern with is being objectified sexually and I’ve experienced that on my Tumblr even racially , a racist still can sexually objectify our bodies and its so disrespectful.

I am trying to discover this world and wanna see more melanated indivduals living this life too! Definitely in Northern California it’s not alot My advice to them is, you only have one life, dont allow others to control it, take baby steps if you have to but if nudism is your truth, embrace it, its natural, its our God-given right…enjoy it

So for now I’m a home nudist but I will venture out to the beach, driving, and I even want to try a nude resort.

Freedom is loving yourself. Freedom is nudism – Monique

About the author: NakedMoLuv

A woman embracing self love, why not a perfect way to include the life of nudism in it. Be free 👍🏾😁

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