naked and happy blog review

naked and happy blog review

Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy blog is a more than pics award winner. This review is a part of that award. However it was a joy to do the naked and happy blog review.

Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

What we like: This blog has been around for quite some time. We followed it on and of for many years. As the blog slogan (My thoughts on naturism and my experiences as a nudist) suggests this blog shares a  combination of personal experiences and suggestions of ways to promote naturism and nudism. The series of nudist/naturist ideas to do now up to #48 is an excellent example of pictures combined with information. Using images to enhance communication of ideas makes the blog interesting and engaging.

Washing the dishes, mopping the floor or dusting your library seem much more fun when done naked. I really never understood why, and I doubt there are any scientific study about this, but it’s a personal fact. House chores seem less painful when done naked. And if you can share them with your spouse, they are even funnier.

What we look forward to: Seeing how many more nudist ideas the blogger can share.

what could be improved:  Honestly while there is always room for improvement this site is on the right track and meets all the criteria for our more than pics award.

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  1. Thank you very much for your review and your vote of confidence. I’ll work on the design in 2018 and will look forward to delighting more reader and brining more people to nudism!

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