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Nudisten movie review

Nudisten or Nudist is a Swedish film short from director/writer My Sandstorm. The mockumentary, follows the daily life of Kerstin, (played by Carolina Malmborg) who decides to become a nudist shortly after an unexpected break up with her boyfriend.  The language is swedish with English sub titles. While being filmed by her fake documentarian Kerstin struggles to deal with the response of the people in her town. She recounts threats of arrests from the police and penalties for being clothes free in public. Kerstin complains that the townspeople are forcing her to wear clothes while she is not forcing them to be naked. She reaches an awkward compromise to avoid future penalties or community service.

During a visit from a friend Kerstin states that she feels most like herself when she is nude. She suggests others are responsible for associating nudity and sex as her friends thinks. The movie takes the viewer inside Kerstin’s everyday clothes free life as well as her attempts to connect in the broader society. Watch the film to see how it all works out.

I recommend this movie wholeheartedly. The measured acting is not over the top for a mockumentary. The quality reflects a documentary feel. The story does a great job of depicting how ordinary people who choose to live clothes free (however they came to the practice) may struggle to find a respectful relationship between their friends family and neighbors and their clothes free preference. Take fifteen minutes to watch this you want regret it.

All-Nude And Clothing Optional Resorts Offer Unique Travel Experiences (via Forbes)

With naked vacations, nakations, on the rise, here are a few options for your clothing-optional vacation. Though it might not be for everyone, nudists claim a sense of freedom and liberation.

Here’s the naked truth – nude vacations are simply not for everyone. In some cases, one might be morally opposed to baring so much skin in public, while in other cases, one might delay such an adventure until the New Year’s resolutions start yielding results.

According to Nudism expert, Deb Bowen, who appeared on The Daily Buzz, nudism is “one of the best things for a woman’s self-esteem,” as opposed to the judgment often received on how one’s body looks in a swimsuit or bikini. Bowen explains that “everyone is on the same playing field” at a nudist resort.

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What Makes a Photo a Naturist Photo? (via Sky Clad Therapist)

The sky is overcast today with just the occasional whisper of a shower from time to time. It is quite warm, regardless, and we are enjoying the day. This morning we went for a shorter walk of just over four kilometres rather than our usual ten kilometres. Rather than wearing our Kiniki bathing suits, we wore clothing for the walk along the shorter section. Since it wasn’t sunny, it almost seemed pointless to wear bathing suits. Besides, swimming wasn’t on our agenda. Now that we are back, I have time for some writing and blogging.

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curator’s note This post raises many questions. Is there is such a thing as a naturist photo?  People attach labels to things not in line with the original intention or definition of the word. How to know the intention of a photo when you may not talk with the owner? Why is Facebook the arbiter of what is acceptable with regard to nudity?  Should we be more focused on the impact a photo has than its original taker’s intention. Read the rest of this thoughtful post and share your thoughts with the author.

Inside naked yoga in New York: We sat down with ‘Naked in Motion’ founder Willow Merveille—Today News Africa (via Today News Africa)

Everyone is completely naked and happy. Women, men, and persons from other genders gather for a routine class of about two hours of yoga in New York city.

“But it’s not about sex, erections, orgies, touching or nudism. It’s just yoga but everyone happens to be naked,” says Willow Merveille, the founder of Naked In Motion in New York City.

Yoga is a spiritual and physical discipline which originated from ancient India and spread to the United States a few decades ago. It uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation to help improve health and happiness.

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Talking With the Guy Who Spent 24 Hours Blurring Out My Junk (via Vice)

I hosted a video without any clothes. A guy named Jaime had to edit.

We recently made a video about a nude exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA). The exhibition was called Hyper Real, which is a collection of photorealistic sculptures and installations from a range of international artists, all depicting the human form. And because of the human form thing, we helped the NGA to organise a nudist event—which ended with me agreeing to host a video of the event. Naked.

And it turns out public nudity is intense. Or more to the point: being nude in front of strangers is one thing, but being nude in front of work colleagues (with a video camera)—who I constantly see in the office kitchen while I make Blend 43 and polite chit-chat about how it’s Wednesday and halfway to the weekend chuckle, chuckle, nearly there!—that kind of nudity is very intense. That kind of nudity is like the recurring dream where you’re at school naked, only it’s work, and it’s actually happening.

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Animals treated better than naturists in Byron (via Echonetdaily)

Dogs and horses have more beach set aside for them in Byron Shire than naturists.

With more than 40 kilometres of coastline, the council has designated just 800 metres for naturists – and with the nearest car park now 200 metres away, accessibility is denied all but the able bodied.

The riding schools and Elements resort appear hell-bent on closing down the naturist beach – and why wouldn’t they? They have a financial interest to look after.

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University removes disabled artist’s work because women regret modeling nude for him – The College Fix (via The College Fix)

‘Degas used to touch the young girls he painted … His work is still displayed everywhere.’

Seattle University removed a self-portrait of an internationally renowned artist following allegations that he asked women to model nude for him and they agreed but felt uncomfortable doing so.

Local alternative weekly The Stranger reports that the Jesuit school took down the work by Chuck Close, with “an estimated (pre-allegation) value of $35,000,” from a highly trafficked library corridor.

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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Working With Nude Models: 6 Steps for Keeping Things Professional | artnet News (via artnet News)

The allegations against Chuck Close raise new questions about how to work with nudity. Here’s our guide for artists and models alike.

Last month, several women came forward with complaints that artist Chuck Close sexually harassed them while they were modeling in his studio. The allegations, published in the Huffington Post and Hyperallergic, tended to follow a common pattern: A woman was invited to pose for the artist, asked to undress, and then endured lewd sexual remarks from Close. The women tended to leave feeling exploited and disrespected, they said.

From time immemorial, the nude body has played a vital function in art across cultures and eras. But in the 21st century, we have come to expect a certain level of professionalism to safeguard both models and artists in what can be a sensitive interaction.

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