All-Nude And Clothing Optional Resorts Offer Unique Travel Experiences (via Forbes)

With naked vacations, nakations, on the rise, here are a few options for your clothing-optional vacation. Though it might not be for everyone, nudists claim a sense of freedom and liberation.

Here’s the naked truth – nude vacations are simply not for everyone. In some cases, one might be morally opposed to baring so much skin in public, while in other cases, one might delay such an adventure until the New Year’s resolutions start yielding results.

According to Nudism expert, Deb Bowen, who appeared on The Daily Buzz, nudism is “one of the best things for a woman’s self-esteem,” as opposed to the judgment often received on how one’s body looks in a swimsuit or bikini. Bowen explains that “everyone is on the same playing field” at a nudist resort.

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