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Have you ever thought about writing your own blog but you weren’t keen to go through all the hassle of setting it up and promoting? Do you have an existing blog but find it challenging to get views?
Who doesn’t want their blog to be read? When we write something we want people read it. That’s the point. If it weren’t meant to be seen, we’d just store it on our computer and not publish it on the web. Or scribble it on a piece of paper and just keep in a drawer away from anyone’s eyes.

When you share a blog post on clothes free life it is published and viewed like our magazine content. Also it will be promoted on our social media. Join the blogging community on clothes free life. You must be a registered member with a completed profile (including avatar and cover photo) to blog on the community.

Community members can write their own blog posts for publication on this site. You can submit posts immediately or safe the as drafts and edit them before they are published. You can also manage all your posts and edit them from your user profile.

When your posts are published, you will receive an email notification and a corresponding post on the community activity stream. Everyone in the community will know you have posted and the posts can also be viewed but regular visitors to the site. You will also receive notifications when someone comments on your post.

To get folks motivated we will be hosting a monthly blog competition. Each month we will provide a topic or topics for blogging and prizes will be awarded to to the bloggers whose posts have the most likes and comments.

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