Despite Nude Swimming Ban in Calgary, Halifax Begins their Winter Swims

Halifax kept their naturist swim private by creating a closed group therefore avoiding having their event under the scrutiny of the public.

The Nova Scotia Clothes Free Society screens everyone before accepting them as members.  So far, they have a scheduled swimming event once a month until April with the first this coming Saturday January 20th.

It is unfortunate that the Calgary group had not kept their event private rather than open it to the public which then caused such an uproar and get a signed petition from concerned parents to have it shut down.

As a member of the Nova Scotia Clothes Free Society, I look forward to our swims each month as it allows us the chance to enjoy meeting other naturists in a safe and friendly environment.

Families, couples, singles are all welcome so long as they pass the criteria of the group.  Be accepting of others and respect their privacy outside of the group and above all no body shaming and sexual misconduct.

Halifax may be a small city in comparison to Calgary but it is certainly a very liberal city that accepts many cultural and diverse events.

Be Free and Naked



Photo by M I T C H Ǝ L L

Photo by shannonkringen

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