Naturism and Vacationing with Family

Naturism and Vacationing with Family

This April I will be vacationing with my family for the first time in over 50 years! I was two when my father passed away in 1965 which left my mother with ten of us to take care of on her own. My eldest sibling (who is also my godmother) was married three years before his passing so she was the first to leave the nest.

Those who were old enough had to leave school to help my mother with raising us as her entire world had collapsed. I was told by my elder siblings later on that I was a little s753t disturber. My next sibling closest in age to me was my sister Linda who is four years older. My brother’s were all much older and I have always looked up to them.

I am what some may call the black sheep of the family; I prefer to consider myself the “tie-dyed” one. Growing up, we would vacation and visit an aunt and uncle in the state of Connecticut. It was during one of those summer trips that I found out that my uncle was a nudist. I was 7 or 8 at the time and my aunt and uncle lived on a three acre lot with a river behind their home that we would go swimming and fishing in. It was on one of those swimming days that my brother and I happened to be going back up to the house and caught my uncle on a ladder painting the eves to the house totally skyclad. We just went into the house minding our own business without looking up. Being so young I wasn’t shy to speak my mind and went to my aunt who was preparing lunch and said; “Why is uncle Ferdinand naked?”. She nonchalantly looked at me while stirring her spaghetti sauce and said; “He’s a nudist and likes to be naked outside, he only wears clothes inside when we have guests over”. By clothes, she meant a tank top and underwear. Funny that I never questioned his choice of clothing before. I suppose because I, more often than not would only be in my underwear as well.

It took me years (35) before I became at ease and comfortable with my own body to be nude around the house. My husband John is not a naturist and at first, I was nude only when we went to bed. Gradually, I would sneak some quiet time in my art studio and paint in the nude. I got tired of rushing to get dressed every time he would come up the stairs and ask me what I was doing and finally confessed that I preferred spending time nude. He didn’t quite understand at first and it took him a long time not to equate nudity with sex. Now, he allows me the freedom of being nude and socializing with the naturist groups I have joined for skinny dipping at our local pool in the winter and starting my Men’s Naked Drawing Group where model and artist’s are nude.

Over the past 8 years when visiting my family during summer vacation I was upfront about my naturist side and they were accepting of it. After “coming out” as gay in my early twenties saying I liked to spend time in the nude was not so shocking. One summer, while staying at my younger sister’s, she and my brother-in-law were going to work and I asked her if I could spend time on the back balcony nude. She was ok with that; “just don’t scare the neighbor’s away!” ha,ha. I settled in with a towel and was catching up on social media and forgot my drink. When I wanted to get back in the house I had inadvertently, locked myself out! I had left the spare keys on the counter of the back door. Embarrassingly, I called my sister at work and told her what had happened. After a moment of hysterical laughter, she said she would come by and unlock the door and go back to work afterwards. She still laughs about that today.

My eldest sister Nicole will be celebrating her 75th birthday in May and as a celebration to that milestone, my siblings (without spouse’s) and I will be going down to an all-inclusive resort in Cuba in April. My younger sister Linda will be making the reservations and I put in my thoughts on being as close to a nude beach as possible. She said she would do her best but as our sister; Francine, who has MS, needs to have a resort that is wheelchair accessible and may not be close to a nude beach. We shall see.

I have never been further south than NYC so going to the tropics, regardless of a nude beach or not will be a treat!

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Artist and Naturist. Last of 11 siblings born in Laval Quebec, now living in Nova Scotia with my husband John.

I am a self-taught artist and have always loved to draw. I created his first comic book super-hero when he was six and over the span of 20 years created 90 books. My biggest fans were the many nieces and nephews of my large family. I had my first published cartoon strip "The Spice of Life" in two local Montreal papers from 1993 to 1995.

I moved to Nova Scotia in 1997 and started to paint watercolours after falling in love with the province and its people. John then introduced to acrylics in 2006 and had a few paintings in auctions for local charities. I am a tongue cancer survivor that I was operated for in November of 2016. I enjoy living life to the fullest and being nude as much as possible. I enjoy swimming, reading, yoga and meditation.

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