Man charged with indecent exposure for ‘flashing his penis in Tesco’ (via Mail Online)

Robert Jenner, 43, of Snodland, Kent, has been charged with two counts of indecent exposure after travelling two miles from his home to the nearby Tesco Extra store in Larkfield, Kent.

A naked carpenter who dodged jail last year for working in the nude has been nicked again for allegedly doing his Tesco shop with his manhood on show.
Robert Jenner, of Snodland, Kent, has been charged with two counts of indecent exposure after travelling two miles from his home to the nearby Tesco Extra store in Larkfield, Kent.
A spokesman for Kent Police confirmed today that the 43-year-old is alleged to have exposed himself to a checkout worker as he paid for his shopping on January 23 this year.

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curator’s note Perfect example of why it important to clarify what exactly in naturism. This person was lauded by naturists in the past. Now if the allegations are true it seems he is more of an exhibitionist.

The nude integral “stolen” by Patricia Montero on Instagram (via El Huffington Post)

The actress Patricia Montero has shared on her Instagram account – where she has more than 314,000 followers – a photograph that is being very applauded for its naturalness.

The collaborator of El Hormiguero (Antena 3) is often involved in his social life to his thousands of fans, who have already seen how a few months ago he promised himself with his partner and father of his daughter, also actor Álex Adrover .

Adrover has been the author of the intimate photography that Montero has shared on Instagram.

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curator’s note Original in Spanish

Yoga without clothes: Benefits (via Ella Hoy)

Practicing naked yoga has direct benefits on your self-esteem, your health and your pocket. We explain why.

It is getting more and more fashionable. In Australia, England and the United States there are already specialized yoga academies without clothes and in our country is beginning to arrive. And, although many may think that practicing yoga naked has an erotic component, in reality yoga without clothes has many advantages for many reasons. We tell you what are the main benefits of yoga without clothes.

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curator’s note Original in Spanish

From Idea to Concept: Creating The Secret Life of a Naturist

I have been enjoying creating the cartoon The Secret Life of a Naturist for the Clothes Free Life online magazine for the past three weeks and thought I would give a you a sneak peek at the creating process that goes into each one.

Creating a cartoon old school (without computer graphics) by drawing and inking. First of course, is coming up with a story for the characters. In a cartoon strip it has to have a beginning, middle and end all in the space of seven to nine panels. The idea is not to have a laugh out loud punchline but a situation that may be humorous enough that the reader can connect with.

In today’s installment, I first wrote a few notes on my tablet that briefly outlines the plot. I break it down into panels as they will eventually appear on the strip with what the character’s will be saying or thought balloons or sound effects. This writing concept is similar to theater or movie scripts.

Once I have it completed, I start to put the story to the page by doing a rough sketch of what each panel will be and make any changes to the dialog when I do the inking. As you will see, I added what Debbie was saying from my initial draft with “I couldn’t reach him on his cell”. This change was necessary so as to give the reader the reason why Johnny’s mother would be calling on their land line and not his cell.

I combined the dialog from panel seven to panel eight to give more impact on Johnny’s horror of having Dan speak to his mother while he was naked. Of course, the absurdity of Johnny’s horror and look of puzzlement on Dan’s face made for a great ending.

If there are any changes to be made it must be at this point before any of the inking begins. Once I have fleshed out the drawings a little more I start inking. I made sure to give emphasis on the sounds with the phone ringing and when Johnny arrives you only see SLAM which is for a door shutting.

Now I can start the colouring process which will give more depth to each panel. And there you have the completed cartoon ready to be sent to the magazine.

I hope you enjoyed the creating process as much as I.

Until then, stay creative and naked.


The nudist movement grows strongly in Argentina (via mdz)

The “naturism” is gaining more and more followers in the country, with the creation of new clubs and the expansion of activities in existing ones.

Eighty-five years after the creation of Grupo Panda, the first nudist community in Argentina, passing through the Playa Franca de Moria Casán, the practice of “naturism” in the country continues to expand, slowly, silently and far from prying eyes. spas, yoga and theater classes and even cross-country races.

“Wearing a bathing suit on the beach is torture for me,” says Florencia Brenner, a lawyer, “more than 60” and founding partner of the Association for Naturist Naturist Nudism (Apanna), a civil entity designed to promote the practice .

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curator’s note Original in Spanish

Helen Mirren, 72, poses topless for charity campaign (via Mail Online)

Dame Helen, 72, posed for the daring swimming pool shot to support Cancer Research UK’s long-running charity clothing collection in partnership with TK Maxx, which raises funds for the charity.

She may be 72-years-old, but Dame Helen Mirren has yet again proved that beauty is ageless by posing topless for campaign to encourage people to ‘give up clothes for good’.
The Oscar winner posed for the daring swimming pool shot to support Cancer Research UK’s long-running charity clothing collection in partnership with TK Maxx, which raises funds for the treatment and cure of childhood cancers.

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Crackdown on sex pest™ beach (via NewsComAu)

POLICE are cracking down on an area of Byron Bay’s idyllic coastline after its reputation for skinny dipping, lewd behaviour and sex acts again made the news.
Local police will continue to patrol beaches, nearby bushland and walking tracks in the Tweed and Byron area after two men were caught having sex 400 metres away from the “clothing optional” part of Tyagarah Beach.
The two men, who were caught on the north Byron beach on Friday, have been charged with offensive behaviour.
Police spotted the couple, aged 27 and 57, having sex at around 4pm on Australia Day while conducting high visibility patrols of the coast.
It comes as locals reported a recent rise in sexual attacks and perverts lurking around Tyagarah Beach, which has a clothes optional section.
Locals have also complained to police about beachgoers illegally nude swimming.

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The Perils of a Man Painting Naked Women in 2018 (via Artsy)

The female nude is one of art history’s oldest subjects. What can a 21st-century artist—especially a male painter—add to the conversation?

Since before humans could write, they’ve been depicting naked women in art. European caves feature drawings of voluptuous, reclining nudes, and the famous Venus of Willendorf dates back to around 28,000–25,000 B.C. Scientists believe that the latter—a reddish limestone statuette discovered in Austria in the early 1900s—represents a fertility figure. Indeed, the earliest depictions of nude women often refer to their procreative properties. From Francisco de Goya to Titian, from famed Japanese woodblock artist Katsushika Hokusai to Pablo Picasso and Willem de Kooning, art history’s most revered men have employed the styles of their time to investigate the unclothed female form. If these artists sometimes degraded women’s bodies in the process, the 20th century also ushered in a new crop of artists eager to critique their predecessors and reclaim female agency. Each subsequent generation has addressed the topic anew, choosing to either rebel against old traditions or return to them with contemporary eyes.

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