Paula Simons: The naked truth: While Calgary panics, nude swim events in Edmonton make little splash (via Edmonton Journal)

When did skinny dipping suddenly become depraved?

Thursday, the City of Calgary cancelled a private swim event at Calgary’s Southland Leisure Centre to be hosted by Calgary Nude Recreation. The city didn’t suspend the event because the swimmers were going to be naked. It cancelled because an online mob, whipped to a frenzy on social media, made such vile and virulent threats that the city actually feared for the physical safety of the naturists. Calgary police were investigating at least one of those threats.

It was quintessential Calgary NIMBYism — but at a fever pitch.

“There was a bomb threat. There were people who were saying we’re going to write down all the licence plate numbers and post them as pedophiles, we’re going to take a baseball bat to car windows,” Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi told CBC Radio on Friday.

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