Talking With the Guy Who Spent 24 Hours Blurring Out My Junk (via Vice)

I hosted a video without any clothes. A guy named Jaime had to edit.

We recently made a video about a nude exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA). The exhibition was called Hyper Real, which is a collection of photorealistic sculptures and installations from a range of international artists, all depicting the human form. And because of the human form thing, we helped the NGA to organise a nudist event—which ended with me agreeing to host a video of the event. Naked.

And it turns out public nudity is intense. Or more to the point: being nude in front of strangers is one thing, but being nude in front of work colleagues (with a video camera)—who I constantly see in the office kitchen while I make Blend 43 and polite chit-chat about how it’s Wednesday and halfway to the weekend chuckle, chuckle, nearly there!—that kind of nudity is very intense. That kind of nudity is like the recurring dream where you’re at school naked, only it’s work, and it’s actually happening.

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