The Raw Ones review

The Raw Ones, a glimpse into the nudist world of the past. I was unsure how to describe this film. It is listed as a documentary. It views like a Planet Earth style nature with a  scenes of activity with background music interspersed with narration. It sounds like a polemic against censorship of erotic literature, art or the naked body. It is a glimpse into the past world of nudism.

In some ways The Raw Ones is a contradiction. A person simply looking for “tits and ass” could well be drawn to this film’s many naked bodies. However, there is little or no hint of sexuality or sexual overtones in this movie. The people in the film while naked engage in a vast arrange of ordinary non sexual activities. The narration with its strident attack against censorship of the erotic or sexual. The narration seems out of place based on what is happening on the screen. People are shown trampolining, sailing swimming, eating, running, diving, playing horseshoes, and reading. All normal everyday activities but they are clothes free.

The narration however, spends little time discussing those activities as a part of the freedom and liberation of nudism. Scant attention is given to the healthy benefits of this clothes free life. Instead the film  seems focused on the battle against censorship of nude erotic art and literature. This may be indicative of a shift in approach highlighted in the book Naked1) Naked A Cultural History of American Nudism.

The nudist movement that began in the 1930s promoting health, nature, and family transformed in the late 1960s and early 1970s into an assortment of organizations that challenged the heteronormative boundaries of sexual liberalism.  – Naked A Cultural History of American Nudism Brian Hoffman

The Raw Ones provides a perfect contrast between the nudism of the sixties and today. It is also clear from this movies is how different nudism and nudity is approached in the age of social media. It is also instructive that the movie does not, could not anticipate the existence of social media and high degree of censorship that accompanies it.

There are some quote gems to be found in the narration among the quotes of Supreme Court Justices and French philosophers. They make the film worth watching all the way through if you get tired of the narration. Some examples below.

Social nudism is mainly an outlook on life rather than an instinctive urge. Nudists, on the whole, are distinctly more ethical and social-minded than members of the general populace, and they should not be confused with isolated and invariably severely disturbed individuals who get into trouble with the law for exhibitionistic or voyeuristic acts.”

Albert Ellis psychologist quoted in the movie The Raw Ones

“We believe in the essential wholesomeness of the human body and regard it neither as an object of shame nor a subject for degrading exploitation. We believe that sunlight and air are vital to human life and well-being, and that exposure of the entire body to these elements is desirable at such time and at such places as are fitting and proper for the purpose. We believe that we are entitled to enjoy the benefits of such exposure, without interference as long as we do not cause injury to our fellow citizens. Nudism is potentially one of the steps to greater human acceptance and, therefore, human awareness and growth.  – American Sunbathing Association quoted in The Raw Ones

One challenge for me watching The Raw Ones is the the complete absence of any black or brown bodies. For all the clothes free bodies on screen, not a single person of color was represented. We know they existed in the nudist community. It suggests that while the golden age of nudism was liberated it was still segregated. Apparently the liberation and free the movie proclaims and is not available to all.

One wonders if this movie could be made in the US today as in the movie Le Vive Nu there is some childhood nudity. In the end The Raw Ones feels dated. While it may have been pushing the envelope when it was first released, the intention behind the film seems out of step with the contemporary world of nudism. So much has changed, so much has not, and so much has gone backwards. Still the film represents a glimpse into the world of nudism of days gone by.

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Are all nudists exhibitionists? (via Naked Wanderings)

We imagine that all long term nudists who are reading this will now raise their hands, ready to type a load of complaints at our address about how we can possibly ask such a question. But still, we hear this a lot. Both from textiles as from nudists, by the way. Does our urge to be naked among others mean that we want to be seen? Could our nude activities have another purpose than just plainly being naked?

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curator’s note This is important question that needs to fully examined if nudism is to be more than a fringe activity. Here is the comment from our editor EarlD on the subject.

The notion that all nudists are little exhibitionists is an idea that has been floated in the online space for many years now by the “open-minded” folks who have by and large hijacked the term nudist to promote and validate their particular sexual proclivities.

Knowing that those proclivities cannot gain social acceptance on their own these exhibitionists and other who use nudity as a precursor to sexual activity wan to attach themselves to simple non sexual nudity as everyday activity. This association blurs the lines between the two and creates problems for new and long time nudists who already have to fight the social perception that nudists are people who want to get naked and walk around with an erection at a clothing optional beach. Pretty much any person I know who has been to a clothing optional beach has no interest in seeing his or any persons erection and they are not prudes as people like him are want to suggest.

Wisconsin nudists lost the use of Mazo beach because of the this kind of idea. NY nudists lost Lighthouse beach because of idea. Byron Bay nudists in Australia are in jeopardy of losing their beach because of this idea.

Historically associating simple non sexual nudity (naturist clothes free life) with sexual proclivities of a small group insistent on hijacking nudism has been bad for growth of nudism. Nothing has changed. Nudists or not exhibitionist because there is nothing inherently sexual about being clothes free. The sexual charge comes when a person gets undressed to expose/present themselves to the view of others in order to gain sexual response action or pleasure.

I wish these exhibitionists could but own their own truth and be who they are without attaching to the nudist description. Though is is more and more common I for one cannot get used to the practice particularly but not exclusively in social media of associating nudism and exhibitionism.

This genuine nudists doesn’t get clothes free for sexual reasons to present exhibit or show off my body to anyone. I could care less if any one on a clothing optional beach sees my clothes free body. It is exclusively for my freedom and comfort. I am a human being not just a body that is what I want people to see.

Yoga class goes naked to seek spiritual enlightenment (via Curt Autry)

A dozen men gather in Richmond’s Manchester district for LeVar Carter’s naked yoga class to purify their bodies and minds, and reach awareness and control over their internal state.

Yoga dates back some 5,000 years, and in all that time, the reason for this practice has stayed the same – the attainment of perfect tranquility and spiritual insight, while meditating.

What it’s not about, is contorting into the perfect pose, sharing selfies of your sexy backbend on Instagram – or showing off your cute yoga outfits from LuLuLemon.

Maybe that’s why everyone at LeVar Carter’s yoga class is naked.

“Of course, the ancient practice of yoga was long before spandex was around, and they did practice nude in the forest, in the mountains and in the caves – so it’s actually going back to the core of the practice,” said Carter.

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Naked Britain: Fashion photographer to open naturism exhibition (via

Fashion photographer Amelia Allen took off her clothes to document naturism in Britain. As an exhibition of her work opens in Edinburgh, she talks about how the project changed the way she felt about her body

My inspiration for the book Naked Britain came from an image taken by Magnum photographer Elliot Erwitt from 1968 of a naturist couple in Kent. I first saw his exhibition in New York when I was 16 before studying his work in photography at A level. I often photographed my friends naked and loved that the images where people appeared most vulnerable and raw were the most beautiful and honest. This triggered an interest in a community where people were naked all the time and I researched naturism to see if this existed in the modern day and particularly in Britain where our attitudes to nudity seem slightly dated.

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Sun City’s mapona pool raises eyebrows (via

Roam naked at Sun City’s Royal Baths

If Sun City may have once lured you about stories of an ancient civilisation, the
attraction for many visitors to the esteemed resort who opt for the less-known offering of their adult baths has become much more basic, it seems.

Forget roaming giraffes and the famous Shawu the elephant to take you back in time. This time, Sunday World saw blushing bathers as a couple of nude men enjoyed the sun in their birthday suits.

The popular resort, nestled in scenic mountains away from Rustenburg’s landscape dotted with mine shafts, has now ventured into offering an adult pool at the Royal Baths where clothing is optional.

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Nudists in Hudson upset over USPS carrier who won’t deliver mail inside resort community (via WFLA)

Nudists who live at Eden RV Resort and City Retreat in Hudson say they are being discriminated against by the U.S. Postal Service.

One postal carrier refuses to deliver mail inside the gates of the resort for fear of seeing naked people, residents say. When they complained to the post office, a manager told them carriers are not required to enter the resort if it offends them.

“It offends me that she does not do her job because if she can’t do her job, then she shouldn’t be having this job,” said Eileen Hudak, who has lived at the resort for 10 years and calls it a “family resort.”

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curator’s note Where do we go from here?

Bare all for Nimbin’™s tenth World Naked Bike Ride (via Echonetdaily)

World Naked Bike Ride season is back again – with rides taking place at Nimbin, Lismore and Byron next month. And the Nimbin event is celebrating its tenth successful nude year.

How often do you get the chance to be an activist and an adored tourist attraction all at once? Not often enough in this life, I can tell you. But the truth of it, dear reader, is that it isn’t so hard to be a bike activist and a 30-minute Nimbin celebrity – even you can do it.

It’s simply a matter of grabbing a bicycle that works – ie has brakes and a chain and a couple of pumped- up tyres – throwing on a helmet as you throw off your clothes and joining us to celebrate our tenth ride up and down the main street of Nimbin.

Yes the Nimbin naked bike ride has been going 10 years and the message ‘share the road’ has never been more important. Pedestrians and bicycle riders continue to be vulnerable on our twisted and tortured roads where car culture rules.

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Interview With Kwan For The Real Nude Beach Photography Project (via

Read my interview with Kwan, a participant in The Real Nude Beach: A Body-Positive Photography Project by Felicity’s Blog.

Meet Kwan, the 6th participant of my series, The Real Nude Beach Photography Project, which took place at Gunnison Beach in 2017. Kwan is originally from Hong Kong and first started getting used to the idea of social nudity through an unusual experience in the Navy. His first nude beach visit was at Black’s Beach, but now he frequents Gunnison as an east coast resident. Learn more about Kwan in our interview below!

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spicy vegan snack plate

spicy vegan snack plate

This vegan snack plate is less of a recipe and more of a healthy natural snack suggestion

We came across this awesome looking snack suggestion on twitter from the naked vegan runner. it seemed such a flavorful snack that we wanted to share. Perfect snack after a workout or run.


  • beet root wedges
  • soya sausage
  • potato wedges
  • spicy humus (red pepper or your choice) for dipping


You can certainly substitute your favorite finger food or dipping sauce. But these seem like a great combo. Ginger beer seems like the perfect beverage to compliment the spicy dip and vegan eats.

Let us know your snack combinations in the comments section – Enjoy

the fault lies not in the stars but in ourselves part 2 us versus us

The more time I spend observing the discourse among the average nudists/naturists online the more I believe the quote from Shakespeare “The fault lies in ourselves” applies to much of the online naturist/nudist community as it did to the fictional characters. Simply put what I observe lessens the hope I have for the growth of the cause of normalizing simple nudity through the use of online resources for promotion and engagement. Why you ask? Reason two it’s us versus us.

Naturists/nudist online are highly opinionated but unwilling to engage that which doesn’t fit with their group or individual interests, opinions or worldview.

Naturist/nudist groups and individuals seem to be more preoccupied with this us versus us in-fighting than promoting issues and values that help mainstream acceptance of clothes free living. This seems particularly true in the online space. Hear are some observed conflicts. Nudists versus naturists; purists versus non purists; established versus newbies; young  vs old; young vs young, sex positive vs non sexual; open minded vs prudes; global vs national; individual freedoms vs common good.

All across the online space there are confusing and even conflicting expressions of what it means to be a nudist or naturist. Is it any wonder then that a celebrity mother who is comfortable with her home being clothes free should shun any notion that she is a nudist. Here are few examples of the us versus us in-fighting I have observed.

global versus national

A British naturist who was blocked by an American nudist venue where she had hoped to vacation expressed a concern for how the venue presented itself on social media. It was an earnest effort to express the global impact of how naturists present themselves on social media.

This concern devolved into another conflict stream that resulted in more blocking of nudists from one by nudists from another group. Seems to me that this pattern can only lead to a negative outcome for the promotion of simple non sexual nudity and clothes fee living.

young versus young

Recently we reposted the post below from the now defunct young naturist of America NY Instagram account.

A day after it was reposted we received this message from an individual supporter of Florida Young Naturists.

This is an image from Florida young naturiSt, i know multiple ppl in this image, and the person you tagged stole it and doesn’t have consent to use it, so niether do you, not your fault, but thought you should know. That group is created by a scam artist

Notice the vitriol in the language. There was no account for the value of the post creating the intersection between clothes free living and body acceptance. But what about the young naturists using the photo with out permission? Well I did a bit of research and found that the image is broadly available on the internet with no attribution to the Florida Young Naturists. My inquiry asking if other groups or individuals using the image were given the same warning that we were given has not received a response.

purists versus non purists

We posted a positive report of naked dining event in Bristol which was tweeted like most of our posts. It was an opportunity to celebrate some positive press and acknowledge the hard work of the event organizers.

A twitter follower responded

The moment for congratulations was lost by the knee jerk expectation to have restaurant workers be naked to validate the event. It was reminiscent of the clothing optional versu clothes free conflict observed on social media. Naturist purists raise concerns that true naturism does not include clothing optional possibilities.

individual freedom vs common good

One naturist tried to establish a common definition of nudism to confront the appropriation of the term by sexuality oriented segments of the online space.

That elicited a tweet storm response from another nudist claiming the original tweeter was imposing unnecessary rules and regulations.

naturist vs naturist

One final example which points to our final reason which we will elaborate at in part three in the series. This comes from one naturist’s response to all the gawkers present at WNBR he had organized.

Although the intent for the World Naked Bike Ride is for the right reasons by promoting a greener future by reducing the use of gas and oil dependencies. As well as promoting body acceptance and of others by getting noticed by drivers that we as a cyclists are very vulnerable to cars and trucks; by getting people to use their bikes more and cars less.

I co-organized the Montreal WNBR for 3 years and in that three years it was a complete success. However, I could not help notice the same pattern each year within myself when it came to the general public who were not taking part in the events. The media are one thing — but the amount of others with all the camera click click click… people focusing on bits alone with cameras not taking photos of us for the event, but rather for the body parts. I felt like I was no longer co-organizing a World Naked Bike Ride, but rather a voyeurism event where it was like, “Ohh hey, come gather around and snap photos of the genitals!” Which was not the idea behind the WNBR at all.

Source: Why I (as a Naturist) stopped hosting the WNBR | The Naturist Page/

To be frank this naturist and I have not always agreed on many subjects related to naturism and clothes free living. However I have always respected his opinion as a genuine and bona fide naturist. I was pleasantly surprised to see him writing about this subject and sharing the perspective that he did. I knew him to be an avid cyclist and someone with love for nature and the environment in addition to being a naturist. So I reblogged and tweeted post on

Another naturist on twitter responded this way to our retweet/reblog.

us versus us

At issue here is the simple truth, marginalized groups only hurt themselves when they succumb to in fighting and turf wars. This can be observed in marginalized political groups and ethnic groups. As a marginalized group, the naturist/nudist community and associated organizations and groups have little room to undermine all our efforts by perpetuating old and starting new conflicts. There is no room for growth for us versus us.

Being honest this site and I have subject to this kind of infighting as well. People who say they are naturists, regularly try to undermine this site and our efforts. Some copy our content down to layouts and descriptions (signing for updates or community to reproduce the content). All because they don’t they don’t like our editorial stance or feel slighted by the same. This all reflects an astounding unwillingness of some in the online space to support the work of others and collaborate. Rather there seems to be an intensive effort to guard turf, despite the detriment to the common good. It’s us versus us.

To be fair we live in a time where individual opinion reigns supreme. This individual freedom is elevated over institutional association and values. Marc Alain Descamps suggested as much many years ago, there are many ways that individuals can express their participation in nudism or naturism.

However, any movement if it is to be successful, needs two important elements. Common language (talking points if you will) to articulate shared meaning and solidarity of purpose. To be successful as a naturist movement us versus us should transition to us and us.  Every movement needs a common language to describe what it is all about. If the words naturist or nudist have no particular meaning then how do we invite people to explore examine and engage. Every movement needs a common purpose. There is that old maxim “if you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for everything. We see that happening already online as people get hooked by fake “nudists” who are posing as something they are not.

I suspect there are some maybe many people who will regard this call for self examination as an impingement on their individual freedom and rights. They may be right. But consider this, no group, no association, no organization no society, no country has survived when it was driven only by individual right without a great regard for the common good and purpose. This American constitution may be one of the best examples of the instrinsic need for this balance. The individual bill of rights was built on the foundation of a common good, “in order to form a more perfect union”. What does a more perfect union of naturists and nudists look like? Is it more us versus us or something. I have shared my thoughts and would like to hear yours.