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As I sit here in my birthday suit, I ponder – How did Naturism come into my life? Was it by chance or by fate? When growing up, I didn’t have many close friends at school, I was a bit different from the others and I tried very hard (probably too hard) to fit in. I was doing some work in my house and had just picked up a book to read. It pointed out that journeys start with a single step and that first step for me was to take my clothes off. The barriers came down and the stresses of daily life disappeared. Being naked meant I was comfortable with me, being me and no one could change that. I visited Vera Playa 2 years ago and the environment it creates where Naturists are able to explore and enjoy the outdoors naked was wonderful. The chance I took by removing my clothes that day was the start of a journey that led me to a much happier path, whether it was by chance or fate – I’m glad I did. A clothes free lifestyle suits me for comfort factor and being naked doesn’t bother me. The journey goes on but I’m looking forward to what I discover in my birthday suit.

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