What it feels like to… be a naturist (via Independent.ie)

It was about 15 years ago when I had an epiphany. I was on holiday in Greece and there was the opportunity to go out on a boat and watch the moon rise over the mountains. It was beautiful, there was phosphorescence in the water and another lady, who had brought her swimming togs, got in to swim.

I love swimming in the sea – it’s where I’m happiest – but I hadn’t brought my togs. On this occasion I decided that all the usual feelings of inhibition and embarrassment that would normally have stopped me from taking my clothes off weren’t enough to outweigh the draw of swimming in a sea full of phosphorescence under a full moon. I can still feel the soft water on my skin. It was an amazing experience. When I went to get out, someone brought me a towel to the top of the stairs and I remember hearing one person say to another, ‘now that’s body confidence for you’.

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