Why You Should Meditate Naked | meditation naked (via I’m The Guy You Want In Your Corner | Traver Boehm, LAC)

My meditation cushion smells like freedom. And America. Yep, I meditate naked and so should you. Allow me to elaborate.

First off, if you’re taking this literally I get it – it may be cold where you live. And yeah, there are some hygienic issues that probably have to be considered. Especially for those of you who sit on complex floral ecosystems rather than external devices that can get dirty without consequence.

But no matter what garb you feel the need to don during your moments of silent introspection, try to meditate naked: the benefits of a regular meditation practice are immeasurable — from a daily sense of peace to increased patience, to the truest form of self-knowledge. Your life will be infinitely better if you do. You know the benefits of working out on your body; meditation will provide the same benefits for your inner being. Need I say more? Get naked.

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