Nudist/naturist art buyer survey

Hello! My name is Andrés. I am a young entrepreneur looking to make a small business selling art to nudist/naturists. I have loved the clothes free lifestyle ever since I did Streak the Cove 5k at Cypress Cove a few years ago. I tried finding art that celebrated the clothes free lifestyle, but whenever you search for nudist/naturist art, it’s always specialized and erotic images of women. If that’s your thing, fine, but I wanted art that was about the lifestyle and I imagine other nudists/naturists might as well.

Hello! If you are an Adult 18+, living in the U.S., are either interested in or are committed to a Nudist/Naturist lifestyle, and you’re an art buyer, please complete this anonymous survey to share your thoughts on art that a nudist/naturist audience may be interested in purchasing. The goal of this market research study is to create a boutique selling original art work specifically for that audience.

We are interested to know about: • Basic demographics • What is your relationship with art? • What kind of art do you like? • What kind of art do you buy? • Where and how do you pay for purchases online • What is your lifestyle like?

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