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Skin Deep takes the audience and Diana’s boys – Dan (William Frazer), Max (Adam O’Shea), Phil (Nick Brittain) and Richard (Daniel Timoney) – on a tour of the various things that bug them about their bodies.

There are two things that unite pretty much every single person on the planet. The first is that we all have a body and the second is that there is something about that body that we would like to change. No matter how perfect everyone else may think our body is, there is something that, us is not right. Now if I were to list everything that I dislike about my body then this would be the longest review in the history of reviewing. However, maybe we should all take a deep breath, relax and just enjoy what we have. That’s the central theme of Lambco Productions new show Skin Deep the Musical which I saw at the Stockwell Playhouse.

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    Greenbare 7 months ago

    I likely won’t be going to the theater in London any time soon. The play poses interesting question about humans and how we look at our bodies. My body does not work as well as it did 40 years ago, and I have battle scars from life. I could also be a few inches taller and somewhat thinner. But I’m not ashamed of my body and I proudly display myself, my extra pounds, and my battle scars. Extra pounds are a sign that we humans have succeeded in producing an abundance of food for everyone and have leisure time when we aren’t doing hard work all day. I do not need to hide myself. The truth is that humans are the most beautiful species. We are all more beautiful than the cats some people photograph and post on Facebook constantly.

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