I Went to the ‘First Nudist Club Night’ in Paris (via Vice)

I highly recommend getting naked in a nightclub“ as long as everyone else is, too.

After spending the last few years trying to figure out where I fit within the queer scene, I feel I’ve finally started to develop a solid relationship with my body, gender and sexuality. So to test out this newfound sense of self, I decided the logical next step would be to get completely naked in a nightclub full of strangers.

France’s first public nudist club night was organised earlier this month by Point Ephémère – a multipurpose arts centre in Paris. The event was titled “222-32” – after the criminal code that outlaws indecent exposure in public. For me, the concept was intriguing not just because of the mass nudity. I was curious to see how social rules play out in a space where everyone is naked and drinking, but, as the organisers dictated, “behaviour of a sexual nature is strictly prohibited”. If you’re naked and you can’t flirt in a traditionally sexually charged environment, will you feel more liberated or more constrained than usual?

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curator’s note another example of the term nudist being used as a synonym with naked. Not sure the label fits this nightclub event. The gender ratio is interesting.

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