seven things to try for nude recreation week 2018

Every year some national naturist and nudist organizations sponsor National Nude Recreation week in the United States. It is an opportunity to highlight many of the fun activities that can be enjoyed clothes free. In the spirit of the week we thought we would highlight seven (one for each day) of the popular recreational activities enjoyed by naturists clothes free. Here are our suggestions of seven things to try during nude recreation week 2018.

1-Run a race of just go for a run

Several naturist venues around the world host naked races typically 5ks throughout the year. Some festival include a naked run as part of their regular activities. If you aren’t into the competition then consider a casual run or jog on your own. Running is beneficial to overall health and running naked gives the body a chance to soak up important vitamin D while burning calories. Wear your sunscreen. Based on recent guidance from he British police, folks there no longer need to fear being charged while simply going on a naked run.

Surf’s up

If the surf and sand is more your thing, during nude recreation week 2018 consider naked surfing. There are a few clothing optional beaches around the world you there are waves suitable to hang ten and let it all hang out. In recent years Tambaba Beach in Brazil, featured a clothes free surfing contest.


Naked hiking may be both invigorating and relaxing at the same time. It all depends on the hiking terrain and surrounding vistas. Some prefer walking hikes over less challenging terrain while other prefer the tackling a climbing hike taking on steeper terrains. What ever option you choose, be ready with lots of water and appropriate footwear. Consider a group hike if possible, it is safer and usually provides great conversation to pass the time. There are a few resources for free hiking groups on the web. If naked solo hiking is your thing don’t forget to stop and take it all in. The earth, the flora and fauna of your surroundings.

Volleyball – bump set spike

Naked volleyball is a huge thing in naturist circles. Many venues host large tournaments for players of all levels. Most venues have at least one hard surface volleyball court, some have sand courts. A visit to a clothing optional beach like Gunnison in New Jersey, often provides opportunities for fun and competitive clothes free beach volleyball. Discover more naturist volleyball.

Ballgame of Pickleball or PΓ©tanque

Pickleball a hybrid court game played with a Wiffle ball is recent but popular recreational sport enjoyed by many clothes free. The rules of the game can semis head spinning at first but once understood folks seem to have a great amount of fun. Another popular long time recreational activity at naturist venues is PΓ©tanque. The game is like Boules and Bocce Ball this could be the perfect fit for your nude recreation week 2018.

Skinny dip for nude recreation week 2018

Skinny dipping or chunky dunking as some refer to it may be the oldest nude recreational activity on record. It was a part of life growing up for most in America until the last century. Finding a beach, swimming hole or spring to skinny dip has become more challenging in the US in recent years but with some effort your search will be rewarded with what most naturist say is the best experience ever. If you are fortunate enough to have your own pool to give skinny dipping a try.
International Skinny Dipping Day is marked at the end of nude recreations week 2018 so plan accordingly if you want to celebrate with a skinny dip. Many naturist venues will be hosting events.


In recent years naked or nude yoga has burst on to the naturist scene. Naked yoga outdoors is by all accounts and exhilarating experience. Nude yoga indoors is a close second. Naked yoga meditation is tops above all because all a person needs to do is sit and let go. So why not grab a mat and head out into nature feel the sun on your skin as you do your favorites poses or just sit and listen to the wind for nude recreation week 2018.

Play a game for nude recreation week 2018

For something a little less active or to rest from the more active nude recreation week 2018 options, how about playing a game. Naturist gamers enjoy playing their favorite video game sans clothing. A board game outdoors in nature with a circles of friends is a wonderful clothes free social experience. Be sure to keep the bug repellent close by.

Whether you try one of these seven or one of the countless other nude recreational activities (, we encourage you to give nude recreation week a try. (See examples like kayaking, tennis and biking below) Search our naturist directory for places to go and explore or find events in our naturist event calendar. Feel the Freedom!

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