The results of 2018 AANR Elections Incredible Participation (via

The AANR office has received the results of the 2018 AANR Election from the independent voting service Vote – Now and those results appear below with numbers on votes cast. I wish to preface these remarks by thanking each and every candidate who participated in the election, to our members and clubs who participated, and to the many of you who helped us raise awareness of the election so that our fellow members got out the vote.
I deeply appreciate the AANR staff and especially Carolina D’Aldana and Carolyn Hawkins for their hard work in making this happen also.
Strong Participation. An incredible eighteen percent (18%) of the eligible electorate cast ballots during the election. This is much stronger than the participation for electing such boards as those who govern employee pension funds, and even government primaries. Whatever the outcome, these are numbers that show you care about the future of your association.

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