My Friend Posted What She Thought Was A Harmless Nude Pic Of Her Toddler, & I Unfollowed Her (via Romper/)

Moms of Instagram fall into three categories. There’s the Friends Only This Account Is Private Mom, the Back of My Kid’s Head And Pseudonym Mom, and No Boundaries At All Mom. I am somewhere in the middle. My Instagram is public since I use it mainly for my business, but carefully scrubbed and censored when it comes to my kids. My Insta feed is a predictable scroll of yoga pants, motivational quotes, messy-bun selfies, juice-drinking selfies, and lot and lots of babies, bumps, and toddlers. But last month, one picture made me audibly gasp and unfollow my friend. She has been going too far for my taste for years. But when she posted a nude picture of her child, who was nearly 3 years old, that was it.

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curator’s note This reaction maybe overreaction is one reason we don’t post naked pics of kids online. Nor do we like them or follow people whose social media is filled with pics of naked children who aren’t their own.

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