My name is Mark Thomas and I am a nudist (via The Dubrovnik Times )

I think I might be turning into a nudist. It is ever so liberating. The cool air rushing over every part of your body. Uninhibited by clothes. As naked as the day I was born.

Yes, August is upon us and I am melting. This has to be my least favourite month in the year. The sun is just punishing, the crowds frustrating, the traffic disastrous and the heat at night unbearable. Who would go on holiday in August? Maybe only to Finland or Siberia.

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One thought on “My name is Mark Thomas and I am a nudist (via The Dubrovnik Times )”

  1. Nuddywaters1 avatar Gareth Jaxon says:

    I spend most of my time naked and I enjoy every minute of the freedom it gives me. The only drawback is that I have no chance of getting out into the glorious countryside I have so near my home. At home I do everything naked, from cooking to DIY. I would encourage everyone to experience the freedom felt and the refreshing feeling of the cool morning air on your body. I love this way of life and at 70 years old I will be doing it until my time has come to depart this wonderful planet.

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