Driving Naked: Is it Illegal to Drive Naked? Naked Truth of Driving Nude (via Compare Car Insurance Quotes)

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can I drive naked?” then here’s your answer. Plus, we give some tips for driving naked.

We can think of a lot of reasons you might want to try driving naked. For instance…

  • You have a panoramic sunroof and you’re working on a full-body tan.
  • You were playing strip poker while driving (we don’t recommend this) and you lost.
  • Your AC just broke.
  • You believe clothing is merely a social construct.
  • You look goooood.
  • While engaged in an illicit liaison at a roadside motel, you were discovered by a jealous spouse, forcing you to run for your life and leave your clothes behind.
  • Your passenger just took off all his or her clothes, and following suit is the polite thing to do.
  • It just feels right.

All perfectly valid reasons. But there’s one big problem: Is it even legal to drive nude?

Continue to source: https://www.compare.com/auto-insurance/guides/guide-to-driving-naked

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  1. Michael Paul Dispensa 2 months ago

    Its. Very legel to drive naked. Day or night. But be careful bring a pair of sweats. Just in case. Something may go south .males and females shouldn’t be worried at all when driving naked.

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