Naked yoga is the latest body positive trend on the wellness scene would you try it? (via

As the quirky fitness movement takes off on social media, Liz Connor hears why the practice is more than just skin deep.

To say the wellness industry has boomed in recent years would be an understatement. Whether you’ve skipped a boozy night out to participate in an early-morning fitness class, downloaded a sleep tracker, or simply started sprinkling chia seeds on your breakfast porridge, there’s no denying that we’re all investing more time and money in our holistic health.

As such, millennials – or the so-called ‘wellness generation’ – are apparently constantly on the lookout for the next health trend that will help them feel great on the inside and out. But one of the latest stress-busting movements requires a fair bit more bravery than simply committing to a meat-free month or setting your alarm for a 6am morning ‘rave’.

It’s called naked yoga and it involves exactly what you’d imagine: Stripping down to the bare necessities before doing your daily practice.

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