Naked cleaner reveals what really happens when she strips for work (via devonlive)

24-year-old Anna takes all her clothes off to clean people’s houses for cash

A woman who gets paid to take all her clothes off and clean people’s houses has revealed what really happens behind closed doors.

Anna, 24, has been working for Naturist Cleaners for three months and is paid to go into stranger’s homes and clean while wearing nothing at all.

Anna also performs other household chores while being paid £45 an hour – but she and the company are very clear this is a non-sexual service.

If Anna keeps her clothes on the rate drops to £23 an hour. She always turns up to her job clothed – usually in jeans and a hoodie.

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Curator’s note The notion that this is naturism is a huge distortion. In naturism you don’t tank your clothes off for anyone but yourself and definitely not for payment.

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