Facebook Censors Art Historian for Posting Nude Art, Then Boots Him from Platform (via Hyperallergic)

Ruben Cordova used his social media profile as an archive of his research, but his photos of the Met Breuer’s Like Life exhibition triggered Facebook’s censors, who then permanently disabled his profile.

Curator and art historian Ruben Cordova thought that Facebook was the perfect platform to archive the photographic materials equivalent to almost a decade’s worth of his research. He created a network of albums, links, commentaries, and comparanda online, sometimes using those resources for his lectures at universities and galleries. This abundance of scholarship even included materials necessary for Cordova’s forthcoming publication.

But disaster struck in the early morning of November 16. That day, Cordova received an upsetting message from Facebook: the social media company had permanently disabled his account due to an alleged violation of community standards banning sexually explicit content. And with that, Cordova lost access to 9 years’ worth of aggregated resources and materials.

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