Vital, essential, life-affirming content.

Naturally, We like to follow for new news and share a common interest in true Naturism.

Because I want to live clothe free. Better quality of life #ihatebras

You put out good, real nudist content.

…you have created a one-stop-shop for naturist news and information.

All the interesting stories, happenings and opinions

What a great site to enjoy the freedom of clothes free living. Insightful, tasteful and always a joy to keep up with like minded people. Fabien

for keeping up to date with what is happening around the world naturist

It’s also fun to read entries from people who are just discovering the freedom being nude offers; experiencing nature the way we were intended to.

I enjoy reading your original content & you’re a strong advocate for the REAL clothes free world.

..lately, as this place grows bigger, it’s turning into a naturist/nudist/fkk… hub where to connect to this nude world

I support #clothesfree living!!!!!

Like me you are dedicated to promoting positive naturist values

I follow you site as it is the first site that I came across that encouraged me to start my own blog on naturism.

your comprehensive coverage of naturist current affairs satisfies my needs

it makes me realise I am not alone and I’m normal and helps me connect other naturists

<hr /> I love that there’s a page for discussing a clothing-free lifestyle as a whole.

It is so nice to find a group of people who don't think I'm crazy when I take my clothes off... or worse, scream and run away.

for the love and support of the community.

Because I’ve always been a bit of a nudist, but am only now really building a community to share that with. Instagram and all the different naturist oriented pages are great for bringing like minded people together and helping to destigmatize nudity in general. I love it!

You have a great selection of topics and articles to read and follow. Very informative for me stuck in Africa

Because you support naturism which is my way of life… again.

Remember that saying about birds of a feather? That’s why. I like what you post, write and say. It’s good to be understood.

because you have in my honest opinion the best page on the whole of the web for #naturist content.

day it hit me that over time, clothesfreelife has become a daily read for me due to the variety and authenticity of the content. I sincerely appreciate the work you put into this and building up this community.

.. because you post such informative and educational material that I can share with others in my effort to educate the masses.

Because I want to support like-minded people and groups that realize that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of.

Your site is insightful, positive and respectful of the human body

to see all that I am missing by living in West Virginia

Because it keeps me updated

I enjoy dialoguing with others about the joy of being clothes-free.