What is the Clothes Free Readers Book Club?

Mc_reading.JPGA free online book club. There has been an increase recently in nudist/naturist literature as committed nudists have begun to share their skills of writing with the world by writing nudist fiction and other genres expressing the nudist lifestyle. Inspired to promote those writers and the nudist way Clothes Free Life sponsors the Clothes Free Readers Book Club. The books chosen are from all genres including fiction, non fiction poetry and prose. The one constant is they focus on the clothes free living. Readers are invited read a book every other month (six for the year).  Participants purchase the current book for themselves. Books chosen will be available in e-book as well as paper format to keep costs down and speed access.

clothesfreelife will post introduction to the book with discussion ideas on this web site clothesfreelife.com

Readers post thoughts in the comments section of the intro post

Twitter chat discussion designated chapters of the current book using hashtag #nudiebkclub

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    book reviews

  • Harley Quinn 8 cover Harley Quinn #8 2016 comic book review - This is my first comic book review. Both sides of the comic book world Marvel and DC Comics have been battling on several fronts recently. Competing movie and television series, as well as reworked, re-envisioned, rebooted comic book universes with lots of diversity are the components of the current battle. Still I was surprised to see diversity extending to placing two of the most popular female characters in the DC universe in a nudist setting. Harley Quinn #8 2016 Harley And Ivy Go To A Nudist Colony Together does just that. https://twitter.com/aanr_mw/status/801543413275512835 It was clear after seeing the above tweet Continue Reading
  • The City of the Drowned Short Story -Book Review - Finneas Ryder Book Review Short Story The City of the Drowned Nick Alimonos 2006 I was excited to receive this short story to review this month. I had read some of Mr. Alimonos’ work before, but admittedly it was just in bits and pieces and I had never completed any of his full works. It was not because I didn’t appreciate his style or concept, it was because I wasn’t allowing myself time to read for pleasure. Well let me say this off the bat, that was a huge mistake on my part. I have to say that the science Continue Reading
  • Nine Reasons You Should Never Be a Naturist - Finding Finneas’ New Naked Book Review “Nine Reasons You Should Never Be a Naturist” Author “Naked naturalist” Published December 7, 2015 Greetings gentle naked readers! I have been away working diligently to restructure and jump start my 2016. I have a stack of reading to catch up on and as I do I will be sharing my thoughts with you. Our first literary adventure completed of this year has been “Nine Reasons You Should Never Be a Naturist” by an unnamed author, only signed as Naked naturalist. I understand the use of a pseudonym, as in all fairness Finneas Ryder Continue Reading
  • Book Review: The Naked Truth by Lisa Brandt - This review also appears on The Nudist Book Review.  Author Lisa Brandt is an experienced entertainer and storyteller, with years of publishing and broadcasting under her belt. She wrote a fictionalized version of her nudist experiences a few years ago, she says, but couldn't get a publisher interested; in 2012 she finally completed it as a memoir, and published it herself. She was interviewed on the Naturist Living Podcast in May 2015, which no doubt gave her sales to the naturist community a shot in the arm. Unfortunately it's not a great contribution to naturist literature, although it's an interesting look at Continue Reading
  • Mirror Earth by PZ Walker Review - If you like science fiction books you'll like Mirror Earth. If you are a naturist, nudist or live clothes free you will like Mirror Earth. If you are curious about naturist/nudist/clothes free life you will like Mirror Earth. If fact there is much to enjoy in this latest novel by naturist author PZ Walker. Walker gives this synopsis of the book. Earth. The future. Researchers have discovered how to detect fluctuations in time and found that there is the possibility for alternate realities. Complicated calculations, big laboratories and big interests are at stake. A group of researchers is dedicated to pursuing Continue Reading
  • Review: Naked Poetry: At Home and In Nature - Review: "Naked Poetry: At Home and In Nature, Sky Clad Poetry, Volume 2" authored by Robert Longpré “Naked Poetry: At Home and In Nature, Volume 2” by Robert Longpré is a beautiful collection of naked poems reflecting on the whole person in relationship to self, others and environment, indoors and outdoors. It is truly naked poetry sharing on both the clothes free body and raw spiritual and emotional experiences that unfold. Longpré paints moments spent alone reflecting on the inner nature, the true self, that is often masked both by clothing and by adopting ways of being in the world that are Continue Reading
  • Nudity in Ancient to Modern Cultures | Aileen Goodson - Many of us may be unaware that nudity is a normal condition that has prevailed throughout most of mankind's existence. Anything from complete nakedness to casual body covering was a lifestyle component from prehistoric times through the Greco-Roman civilizations and into part of the Middle Ages. Even today, in various remote areas of the warmer climes, naked societies persist as primitive tribes whose members do not wear clothes. These societies point up, among other things, how drastically our attitudes toward nudity and social organization have changed throughout human history. Unfortunately, modern civilization's puritanical laws of decency have labeled unclothed tropical-zone Continue Reading
  • Naked Crow -Review - Naked Crow : P. Z. Walker Published January 28, 2014 What would you do if your friend were to disappear? You would do everything you could do to find them wouldn’t you? What if that same friend was a naturist, and disappeared at a naturist resort and you weren’t a naturist? That adds an interesting twist, right? That is the situation that we find in P.Z. Walker’s “Naked Crow.” Josy, a dental hygienist, and naturist, disappears on a regular weekend visit to her local resort “Mighty Oaks.” Her friend Sheila is our main companion on this journey of discovery; not only Continue Reading
  • American. Nudist Culture Review - This title is must have, must read, volume for anyone interested in the clothes free culture and community in America. Author Larry Dalter has created a genuine nudist primer for the curious, newbie or veteran clothes free practitioner. The reader is treated to a brief history of the clothes free movement, all written in a very easy to read style that makes this an essential volume to own. The book covers everything you want and need to know about clothes free culture. From frequently asked questions like the difference between nudist and naturist and how to plan a first visit Continue Reading
  • Naked Poems By Sea and on the Prairies Review - Naked Poems By Sea and on the Prairies by Robert Longpre This is the first book of poetry we have reviewed, and we couldn't be more pleased. We have followed the tweets of author Robert Longpre aka Skyclad Therapist for some time. He is known for deeply profound tweets and posts which explore the connection between naturism and emotional healing with some Jungian psychology thrown on. In some respect this collection of poems continues in that vein. Here is a except from one of my favorite poems Behind the Door It is early morning and quiet Peeking outside, I wonder Continue Reading