Welcome to the clothesfreelife.com community page. In a fragmented world where every one is doing their own thing we are committed to building an online community around nu gymnosophy. Embracing the the ideals and philosophy of naturism and the practice of nudism, we seek to create intersectional connections and community.

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User accounts from myclothesfreelife.com will be moved here. Most of the features from my clothesfreelife.com will eventually be incorporated here. Here is a feature  map.

Right now

  • user profiles – Create a detailed profile for yourself. Add a profile picture, some information in your bio and social media contacts.
  • members map – fill out your bio including your state, region or province and country to show on the map
  • members page – All the registered subscribers, editors, authors, contributors to clothes free life community. Search for users to friend.
  • friend system – Invite other registered members as friends. Go to their profile page and click add friend.
  • user blogs – Write your own blogs and share them with everyone or just your friends.
  • discussion boards – Start or join our discussions boards and share your news.
  • photo albums – upload photos to member group or interest groups when they are  activated

Coming soon

  • Chat room
  • Interest Groups – Expand your online presence join a group with lots of extra features.
  • Private Messages

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