• wow: awakening to the goddess within - I have been reading Sally Kempton’s Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga as part of a training. One of the most beautiful takeaways so far is the power of naked honesty. Advertisements
  • wow: letter to maryland authorities on female bare-chestedness - For today’s Women on Wednesdays post, I share a copy of a letter I submitted to the Office of the Attorney General in Maryland regarding the legality of female bare chests. As some might already know, Gingerbread has been engaging in peaceful work to establish the legality of female bare chests for several years. You can catch up on all of her work by visiting her blog Breasts Are Healthy. Earlier this fall, Gingerbread reached out to some of us in her circle of colleagues / friends, myself included, to invite us to participate in efforts concerning the matter in Maryland. As part of those efforts,
  • naked soul reflection – our paradoxes, our nature - In this week’s episode of Naked Soul Reflections, we observe our paradoxes in nature and as a part of our humanity. Paradoxes are huge part of life: what falls must also rise, as trees grow higher they grow deeper, we can prefer clothes free living and still enjoy fashion, we might be affectionate and still want space on certain days. All of these are expressions of nature and our humanity. They illustrate our complexity, innumerable dimensions, facets, personalities and changing needs – all without being mutually exclusive. Indeed, if they were mutually exclusive, how would we ever have trees? What paradoxes do
  • us and them – collaboration or competition in the online space - In the time since the humble beginnings of this effort a solo personal blog there have been many, other naturist/nudist bloggers have come along in the online space. A significant number of those have since disappeared. On several occasions there were invitations offered to collaborate, and in almost every instance the offer was rebuffed. Of those blogs, most have either disappeared or are no longer updated. The reasons given for choosing demise over partnership were many and varied but still the result was the same. Those blogs and websites disappeared into the internet graveyard of well meaning intentions. One Tumblr blogger observed It
  • naked soul reflection – write your naked thoughts - In this week’s episode of Naked Soul Reflections, we write. For me, writing is like removing clothing one piece at a time. What comes out onto the paper isn’t necessarily something to act upon. It’s a process of confession, expression, observation and honoring the process of getting naked with myself until I arrive at the heart of my being. This week, I invite you to get naked with yourself by writing. Advertisements
  • naked soul reflection: do it - This week we look at stepping into action even if it means making a mistake or getting it wrong. This past week I spent time reflecting on some actions I had taken at work. My intention was to help people, but the results were far from desirable. For a while I was beating myself up about getting it wrong. This weekend, however, I realized that the beauty of it, is that I actually stepped into action rather than doing nothing and remaining silent. In the same way that we often respond to people who ask, “How do I get clothes free?”
  • wow: free admission – the online female zoo - Last week, clothesfreelife.com ran the following poll for Talk Up Tuesday “Are all pics of naked young women posted by naturists/nudists more lust or promoting body freedom?” The poll received 18 votes in the following response categories: 39% (7 votes) – “Nah, admiration of naked body 33% (6 votes) – “Simply promoting body freedom” 28% (5 votes) – “Yep, lust filled male eyes” This poll and other pieces discussing photography, permission and entitlement raised important questions. Moreover, I found some potent and relevant points in an unexpected topic. I encountered a variety of references discussing Human Zoos. In these environments,
  • naked soul reflection – textures of truth - In this episode of Naked Soul Reflection, I share some reflections that arose for me as I walked about barefoot on Sunday. Link to audio: https://www.spreaker.com/user/clothesfreelife/naked-soul-reflection-textures-of-truth Walking around barefoot reminded me of just how textured the world is. Usually, when I walk around in my shoes with a separation between me and the world, all I ever feel are is the texture of the shoe. I forget that ground, earth, floors change in character, temperature, texture, etc. Taking off my shoes reconnected me to a more honest reality. The real world is diverse in character. This also tied into a change in