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setting up your profile

Your completed profile is the best way to begin sharing who you are and introduce yourself to the community. Here you can share some personal details about yourself, upload profile photos, express your interests and more. Upload a profile photos (required you can’t make friends without one), cover photo, express your interests and more. Some items on your profile (like some registration information) can only be seen by you or the administrator of the site. It is a good practice to avoid sharing your email and address to protect yourself.

Your profile should contain the essential information for people to get to know you. So take some time to fill it out your information completely. The progress bar will indicate when you have completed your profile and you will receive a badge. Your profile page has several section divided into tabs. Each tabs provides access to a feature of the site that can be accessed from your profile. Those features may change or new feature may be added for time to time.

  1. Personalise your profile with a profile image and cover photo
  2. Add information about yourself
  3. Link to your personal blog and other social media
  4. Make sections visible to everyone, your friends, or just you
  5. Post updates to the whole community or just your friends

edit your profile

Editing your profile is available from the profile tab. You can change you profile photo (avatar), cover photo and other aspects of your profile from the editing area.

To add an avatar to your profile navigate to your user page if you are already logged in use the profile link community>profile on the menu bar. You may also click on your avatar from anywhere on the site to get taken to your profile page

Once you are on your profile page. Click profile photo to upload a new photo, or delete an existing one. You may also chose to use the photo avatar associated with your gravatar account.

To add a cover photo on your profile page click the link in the upper right corner to upload a new photo, or delete an existing one.

We require that you have a profile photo (avatar) you will not be able to add friends until your do.  It does not have to be a photo of you. Remember your profile photo is the first thing another member will see of you and how they will identify you so let it express some thing about you if it’s not a photo of you just so the site doesn’t look like a bunch of fake accounts.

Because my clothes free life is an online community for exploring and engaging the non sexual aspects of clothes free life, there is no option for sexual orientation on the profile. There is an option for indicating gender identity. We believe the social aspects of clothes free living should be non sexual. So member’s sexual orientation is not of any import for interaction on this site. While we are not asexual in clothes free life we think the sexual life consenting adults should be private.

verifying membership

A verified membership means that a member has confirmed their identity and it has been verified by our admin staff. Verified members have the verified badge on their profile. Member verification gives you a badge on your profile that indicates you are you who say you are. In other words you aren’t a guy pretending to a woman or teenager pretending to be middle age. The process for verification can be found on the about tab at the bottom of the page. Follow these instructions. Download the PDF file and print. Take a photo of yourself upload and set privacy to only you. Notifications the admin



Change your password. The setting tab on your user page controls the way you receive information or interest with information from the site.


You may also set the visibility for the most items of your profile from the settings tab. Most fields, you have a nice range of visibility options, from “Everyone” to “My Friends” to “Only Me” and more. Please be mindful of how you share your information.

account deletion

To delete your account Simply go to your user page and click the setting tab. On the far right you will see a delete account link. Clicking on that link will walk you through the process of deleting your account. REMEMBER ONCE DELETED YOUR ACCOUNT CANNOT BE REACTIVATED. To rejoin the site you will need to register for a new account.

Take some time to fill out your information as well as set the visibility for the various aspects of your profile.


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