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The community page is the activity interaction hub of clothes free life. This is where you can see all the activity that’s happening. You can filter what you see on the community page to see just updates from friends. Connect with other members on the site by forming friendships, engaging in discussions and joining groups of interest to you. These interactions have the potential to become rich resources of support and education for everyone, so take some time to check out the offerings here and choose how you’d like to engage!

Friend connections

Creating connections is at the core of every community. Members add friends, accept or decline friend requests, and set their post privacy to “Friends Only.” An Add Friend button is on your’ profile covers. The label on the button changes according to the status. For example, if a member has just added someone as a friend, the button will show “Cancel Friend Request” until the member has approved the request. The Friends tab is visible on your profile and displays all your friends. My Friends shows your latest friends. Friends Birthday shows upcoming friends birthdays.

Following users.

When looking at members listing you can see who’s a mutual friend.Your friendships and friend requests are located on this tab.


Mention (tag) other users in posts and comments. Tagging is now a vital part of community interaction, a quick and easy way to engage others or grab someone’s attention. It makes a community more interactive and more engaging. When you write a status post, in comments you can tag any person who’s taking part in the conversation. You can tag anyone who’s your friend in posts as well. An @ sign before a name or username in a comment will tag anyone participating in a conversation under a post. An @ sign before a name or username in a new post will tag a friend.


Express your mood in a status update. You can show their happiness, joy, craziness, up to sixteen moods!


Share your location in a status and in profile. Whether you’re traveling for fun or working on the road, checking in to a location is a great way to show others in your community where you are and what you’re doing. Members to select a location around them. A link to the location opens a map in a small window. Users can also set their location within their profiles.


Members can upload images to the Stream, Groups, Messages and Chat. It invigorates communities with pictures that people love to see and share. When clicked, the photos open in a modal window allowing members to comment, like and show them to their friends. A photos tab is on profile pages and to Groups. It comes with 2 widgets: My Photos and Community Photos that admins can place anywhere. Profile Photo Albums, Groups Photo Albums, .GIF support and many more!
What to expect when installing and activating Photos:
A photo icon is added to the post box in Stream and Profiles.
A photo icon is added to the post box in Groups.
A photo icon is added to the post box in Messages and Chat.

My Photos widget which shows users latest photos. When placed in ‘PeepSo’ widget position it shows photos of that particular user whose profile you’re visiting.
Community Photos widget which shows latest photos of your entire community (photos show depending on their privacy setting).


Write you! Yes, here on clothes free life you have the opportunity to blog about your clothes free experiences! This is a great way to share with the community, so we invite you to take advantage of this tool by writing YOU, as well as checking out what others share. All blog post display in the activity stream and on the site home page unless privacy is set otherwise.


Real time chat is available for all groups and in open chat rooms. Members can use group chats while the open chat rooms sometimes offer non logged in access. The real time factor of chat can make it a fun way to interact with others




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