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clothes free life is excited to offer groups for members to engage in lively interactions around common interests.

Despite the vast nature of the Internet, sometimes it can feel like we are out there in the online world swimming alone, struggling to find places to belong, ask questions, hear about the experiences of others and share ourselves. Groups are a great way for members to establish or find topics of shared interest, share experiences and knowledge, learn from and support each other.

What will you find in a group?

There are some awesome features are available in the group section of this community site, under the connect menu including:

  • Group member updates, posts and comments in rich media including posts from social media like Twitter Instagram, Tumblr and more.
  • Group blog posts from the group moderators and admins sharing information relevant to group interests.
  • Gallery for uploading photos related to group interest by members.
  • Event calendars specific to group’s interests
  • Pages with additional information for group meme,bers
  • Email notifications of Group activity
  • Chat room for real time chat with other group members

What can you do in a group

  • Post questions and comments
  • Read group blog posts
  • Upload photos to group gallery
  • Add/view a group event to the calendar
  • View group pages
  • Get email notifications of group activity
  • Chat with other group members.

As an example, the Creatives group could have blog posts about creative activities, a calendar of events around the world, and image gallery for members of that specific group to view and engage. Imagine you have a film project in mind, but are not quite sure how to get ideas and leverage support. Groups are a great way to introduce your concept, solicit the input of others, and rally support for your envisioned project. Or perhaps you are a Newbie to clothes free life and would like to make some initial connections, ask questions and create a sense of community for yourself. The Newbie group would be perfect for you!

Take some time to browse existing groups or even suggest the creation of a new group.

As always, it is important for us to remember to respect each other. With that in mind, we invite you to review the About page as well as the Community Conduct Guidelines page to get a foundational sense of the mission of Clothes Free Life community and the expectations for interactions. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out via the Contact page and let us know.

Welcome to the community!

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