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Barefoot to the Neck (2009)

Release Date: September 1, 2009
Starring: Sarah Kim Gries, Martin Brambach, Stefanie Höner, Constantin von Jascheroff
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 93 min
Original Title: Barfuß bis zum Hals
Original Film Language: Deutsch
Production Companies:
An oddball comedy in which a nudist colony in eastern Germany is put at risk when a conservative Bavarian textile manufacturer purchases it, unaware of the true 'nature' of the resort. In an attempt to fool the new owner, the regulars dress normally. However, it doesn't take long for their old ways to creep back in as it becomes more difficult to keep up the act as well as keep on their clothes!

Cast Barefoot to the Neck

  • Sarah Kim Gries
  • Role: Rosa Steiner
  • Martin Brambach
  • Role: Helmut Steiner
  • Stefanie Höner
  • Role: Sabine Steiner
  • Constantin von Jascheroff
  • Role: Jakob Steiner
  • Christoph M. Ohrt
  • Role: Dieter Lohe
  • Matthias Beier
  • Role: Karl
  • Diane Willems
  • Role: Natalie Lohe
  • Heiko Pinkowski
  • Role: Uwe Hofer
  • Joseph Bundschuh
  • Role: Kevin
  • Zsolt Bács
  • Role: Conny
  • Rüdiger Kühmstedt
  • Role: Hans
  • Caroline Rapp
  • Role: Lara
  • Ben Unterkofler
  • Role: Maik
  • Christina Athenstädt
  • Role: Laura
  • Jockel Tschiersch
  • Role: Waffenhändler
  • Gotthard Lange
  • Role: Socke
  • Volker Szezinski
  • Role: Polizist
  • Alexander Müller
  • Role: Nudist

Crew Barefoot to the Neck

  • Hansjörg Thurn
  • Director
  • Sarah Schnier
  • Writer
  • Ivo-Alexander Beck
  • Producer
  • Jochen Ketschau
  • Producer

Trailer Barefoot to the Neck


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