Complex Movie – The cultural adaptability of two heterosexual men sharing an apartment. However, one of them happens to be a nudist.

Psychology student Lachlan (Dan Monty) is in need of a flatmate. After several applicants, Travis (Tim Crowe) appears on the scene, he flounces in and makes himself at home with the nervous and neurotic Lachlan. But it does not take long for Travis to find himself equally as shaken when Lachlan suddenly expresses his secret to Travis — that he is an outspoken nudist. What ensues is a glimpse into the social etiquette, standards and stigmas of naturism among young people in a contemporary urban setting. As the friction between both men continues and their plans to discuss the issue turns to a heated debate and a full-blown argument, Travis brings home feisty Caitlyn (Kat Campbell), hoping for a one-night-stand but it becomes a young romance, in spite of her spirited attempts to force peace between the two men as she herself takes to the social nude lifestyle with ease. Travis, however, does not let his guard down quite so easily


This film explores the stigmas and social complexities of the socially-nude lifestyle when it meets with the conservative normality of the everyday person.

Here’s a blogpost written by someone who was an extra on the film:

  1. nudeyman 11 months ago

    Here’s a a blog I wrote about it on my website:

  2. nudeyman 11 months ago

    I was a nude extra in this movie, I played the guy cooking on the BBQ in the background of the swimming pool scene as well as floating around in the pool in the background of the pool while the actors were talking.

    Michael Connolly

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