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Daughter of the Sun


Daughter of the Sun (1962)

Release Date: September 1, 1962
Starring: Rusty Allen, Jerome Eden, Michael Borgine, Pearl Krohn
Genres: Comedy
Runtime: 60 min
Original Title: Daughter of the Sun
Original Film Language: English
Production Companies: Lucky Pierre Enterprises
Herschell Gordon Lewis and David Friedman collaborated on this nudie classic that features the stunning Rusty Allen as a teacher who must defend herself against the school board after they find her naked in a nudist colony's magazine. Allen argues that the sun is a source of happiness and morality. The institute's lawyer decides to investigate for himself, and soon everyone is swimming, playing volleyball, and more, all sans clothes.

Cast Daughter of the Sun

  • Rusty Allen
  • Role: Pamela Walker
  • Jerome Eden
  • Role: Keith Lawrence
  • Michael Borgine
  • Role: Grady Ives
  • Pearl Krohn
  • Role: 
  • Avis Holmes
  • Role: 
  • Darrin Ainsworth
  • Role: 
  • Elsie Kerbin
  • Role: 

Crew Daughter of the Sun

  • Herschell Gordon Lewis
  • Director
  • David F. Friedman
  • Writer
  • Herschell Gordon Lewis
  • Writer
  • David F. Friedman
  • Producer
  • Herschell Gordon Lewis
  • Director of Photography

Trailer Daughter of the Sun

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