El nudista

The Nudist is a journey searching for personal freedom and the enrichment of soul and mind.
It all starts with two naked bodies lying on the sand of a beach. Childhood and youth memories show the barriers of each stage before maturing, through the vision of a society marked by different prototypes and the use of the human body as an object.
What is forbidden becomes purity when looked through the eyes of a child. A return to our origin to enjoy the feeling of freedom and the contact with natural environment. The rays of the sun caressing the sand of a deserted beach. Swimming completely nude in the immensity of the ocean.


El nudista (2015)

Release Date: November 4, 2015
Genres: Drama
Runtime: min
Original Title: El nudista
Original Film Language:
Production Companies: Arsoñi Producciones, WOMA Creaciones

Cast El nudista

Crew El nudista

  • Alex Waudby
  • Director
  • Alex Waudby
  • Writer
  • Lambe J. Ruiz
  • Writer

Trailer El nudista

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