Les Textiles

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Textiles (2004)

Release Date: June 9, 2004
Starring: Barbara Schulz, Alexandre Brasseur, Magali Muxart, Simon Bakhouche
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Runtime: 92 min
Original Title: Les Textiles
Original Film Language: Français
Production Companies: Les Films en Hiver
Sophie and Olivier are a young married couple who work in Paris as bakers. Out of the blue, they decide to buy a summer house on the seaside, but without actually seing it. When Sophie, along with her two kids, arrives first on the premices, she discovers that they have bought a house located in the midst of a nudist camp...

Cast Textiles

  • Barbara Schulz
  • Role: Sophie
  • Alexandre Brasseur
  • Role: Olivier
  • Magali Muxart
  • Role: Juliette
  • Simon Bakhouche
  • Role: Gilbert

Crew Textiles

  • Franck Landron
  • Director
  • Christian Vincent
  • Writer

Trailer Textiles


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