Matt Richardson manga inspired art - Browsing through Tumblr late last year a recommendation popped up for a tumblr whose owner described himself as Part time artist Part time gamer Full time Naked Person. I was intrigued and explored the artists blog to find some interesting nude art work. Artist Matthew Richardson, is from Charleston, SC. His hobbies include art of some form, including visual arts, music, and photography. Richardson says he recently resumed drawing as a way to pass time at work and between getting to do photoshoots. He has no formal training at all and has learned through books or web tutorials. Take a More
The whimsical clothes free iPad art of Andrew Chambers - A few months ago I came across what I thought was some whimsical, intriguing and well done clothes free (nude) art on twitter. When I explored more the artist further I was even more intrigued to discover these beautifully done pieces were created on an iPad. I reached out to the artist Andrew Chambers and invited him to have his work showcased on this site. This is the second in our artist gallery series which is part of our continued effort to cover a wide range of clothes free life. We are proud to share the work of Andrew Chambers More
The clothes free art of Susannah Martin - The Huffington Post describes the artist as portraying nudes from a female perspective where women are simply operating without clothes in the outdoors. This caught my eye and gained my attention, as I firmly believe that this non sexual depictions of the clothes free body is what will normalize nudity in society. So I reached out to the artist who graciously agreed to provide some of her work for a sample gallery and answer a few questions . What follows is a short interview and a sample of what HuffPost called the hyper-realistic work of Susannah Martin. I hope our More