‘Totally gutted’: Locals angry as nude beach in Australia set to stay (via Stuff)

Tyagarah Beach in Bryon Bay was made clothing optional 20 years ago and, despite protests, looks set to stay.

A councillor in Australia wants the local New South Wales government to intervene after the council voted to keep a remote Byron Bay beach optional of clothing.

Councillor Paul Spooner said the decision to keep the clothing optional declaration at Tyagarah Beach showed the council was “not listening” to locals.

“They are elected as representatives for the residents and it’s clear to me that the residents of that community do not want a nude beach anymore,” he said.

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The wealth of being in nudity (via zjuzdme.org)

Hey. You.

Hey you

Yes. You. Do you like being nude? Do you like being among other nude people? Yes? If so, do you know how wealthy you are?

Really. I’m not kidding. I’m convinced that people like you and I are among the emotionally wealthiest folks around. The most mentally mature too in ways. Because we know people. Real people.

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Comptemplating Aquatic Nakedness (via MojoNude)

The DWB nude swim in Yellow Springs is still a little over a month away and I’m still on the fence about attending. It would be nice to have two or three hours of aquatic nakedness even if I will only be able to record my memories of it in words but not images.

The only reason I can’t have pictorial memories is because there will be nudity. I can have pictures of a clothed swimming event but not a nude one. We don’t want to take a chance that a naked picture of someone in the group might appear somewhere on the Internet and someone’s friends, family or employer might find out they’re a nudist. I’m quite weary of the double standards, the secrecy, and the anonymity that surround naturism and nudism.

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Unconscious Responses to the Naked Body (via A Canadian Naturist)

Those who do not consider the implications of the divided human soul remain unconscious and are therefore dangerous to self and others. Those who do stop and look, and ask why become more and more…

Okay, so where do fit into these set of statements made by James Hollis? Is what I am doing by reading Hollis’ book – Why Good People Do Bad Things, analysing so much of my present life and my history; part of what he is asking each of us to do? Perhaps, I hope so.

I can’t pretend that I really know what I am doing or why I am doing it all the time. Nor, do I think that most of the human race can claim to such awareness. I know that personally, I catch myself and wonder “what in hell was that all about,” hoping that somehow I didn’t cause too much damage in the process. I can’t absolve myself if I have caused damage simply because I didn’t realise it, consciously, at the time, that I had no intention

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Victoria Bateman on ‘the cult of female modesty’ (via Varsity Online)

Belle George talks to the Caius economics fellow about taboos around the body and the effect these have on mental health, particularly in Cambridge

Dr Victoria Bateman met me at the Caius Porters’ Lodge on one of this autumn’s most glorious days. Bright blue skies contrasted with the foliage of Caius’ aptly named ‘tree court’. Before heading to her office on the other side of Trinity Street, she gave me a quick tour around the inner courtyards of the college where she completed her undergraduate degree and where she now works as an economics fellow. Walking around the courts she points out the window of the room she lived in during her final year. It’s apparent this woman feels at home in one of Cambridge’s oldest colleges.

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Nudist ranch zoning appeal wins early victory at planning tribunal (via The Kingston Whig-Standard)

The Township of Stone Mills failed in its bid to stop a planning appeal from a couple wanting to expand a clothing-optional campground.

In a decision released last week, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal denied the township’s application to have the couple’s appeal thrown out.

The validity decision doesn’t settle the matter, it only lets the case go on to a hearing, if necessary.

Last year, Yvonne Gibson and her husband, Hector Gravelle, started the process to have their 40-hectare property on Carroll Road rezoned to allow them to expand the campground at  Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch, which they have operated without the proper zoning since 2012.

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Tory MP Michael Fabricant strips off to launch naked bike ride bid (via Mail Online)

Tory backbencher Michael Fabricant got his kit off to bare all on a Boris bike to cycle around a park for the wacky promotional clip.

The Tory MP stripped off and took to a Boris bike to launch his charity project. He cycled around a park in just a pink tie and gold aviator sunglasses for the clip. The MP is launching the project to raise money for Lichfield’s St Giles hospice

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