Australia’s best nudie swim spots revealed (via

Remote gems and naturalist favourites in our own backyard

It’s not until Australians travel outside their own country that they realise ours is the best country for swimming. Or at least according to writer and photographer duo Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon, who took a year off work to test out places to swim all over Australia — not a bad gig, right?

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World Naked Bike Ride announces 2019 date in Portland (via

Portland’s hugely popular event will be back this summer, once again expected to draw thousands of nude cyclists.

Break out your seat covers and get ready to strip, because the World Naked Bike Ride is coming back to town.

Portland’s famous cycling event will take place this summer, on Saturday, June 29. This will be the 15th iteration of the popular event, which once again is expected to draw throngs of nude and nearly-nude cyclists.

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Without Clothes, Life Goes On…..In A Good Way

It’s a crisp autumnal morning and you get out of bed to begin the working day. However, you’re wearing nothing at all, completely naked and you ponder what to do next? For many naturists, the answer is simple, carry on. There are some who dont like to sleep in the nude so when they get up, the first thing they do is undress.

Life continues on with or without clothes, we continue to work, watch TV and where it permits go into our gardens and enjoy the weather. The only difference is the dress code.Attitudes towards Naturism are changing as seen from British Naturism having an increase in membership by 10%, that is fantastic and I’m glad to be part of this great organisation. However, there is still lots of work to be done to ensure Naturists are protected and allowed to continue their business in the public sphere.

I’m still looking forward to getting a picture with a great view in my birthday suit, that day will come be it here or elsewhere in the world. But as the article says, life goes on without my clothes and Im enjoying every minute.



Review: In ‘The Renaissance Nude,’ bare skin speaks with startling eloquence – Los Angeles Times (via

How naked bodies became a major artistic subject is explored in “The Renaissance Nude” at the Getty Museum.

Six centuries ago, in a side chapel of an important church in Florence, Italy, a wealthy local silk merchant commissioned the artist Masaccio (1401-1427) to paint a fresco of Adam and Eve being expelled from Paradise by God.

The painting rocked the city.

The young artist, then barely into his 20s, chose to break a medieval mold. Showing both figures stark naked, he painted Adam with hunched shoulders and covering his face in profound shame, while Eve tosses back her head, a cry emanating from her crumpled face.

Adam’s fully exposed body, its musculature and genitals described in anatomical detail, stands in sharp but revealing contrast to his wholly hidden countenance. In a reversal, wailing Eve thrusts one hand over her breasts and the other across her groin in a determined (if futile) attempt to conceal her nakedness. The fact of their nudity speaks with startling eloquence.

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curator’s note Where did we go wrong?

These Women Show Off Their Strength and Flexibility While Doing Naked Yoga Poses (via POPSUGAR Fitness Australia)

If you want to become strong, confident, grounded, and flexible, yoga is where it’s at. These photos prove that women can have sculpted, toned muscles, all from spending time moving and flowing on their mats. And with these women wearing nothing at all, you can appreciate naked yoga for how freeing and empowering these poses can make a woman feel, even if never in your life would you want to do Down Dog in the nude.

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Swedish Naturist Receives Backlash After Posting Picture Covered In ‘Menstrual Blood’ (via

The controversial photo has received almost 3,000 likes on Instagram but not everyone has been so understanding of her ‘urge’ to share

Yes, it’s 2018 and things like this happen.

Maxinne Bjork, who lives in Bali posted the controversial picture to her 44,000 followers on Instagram – apparently she just had the ‘urge’ to do it.

I mean, I sometimes have the urge to jump off high buildings but I know it’s probably not a good idea to do it.

In the controversial photo Maxinne is posing nude against a wall with her face and torso covered in what she claims to be her own blood.

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curator’s note Don’t know what to think about the naturist association in this.

Naturist B&B opens in Dublin months after Ireland gets first nude-friendly beach (via dublinlive)

There are some strict house rules however

Ireland’s first ever nude-friendly B&B has opened in Dublin just months after a beach in Dalkey got the official nod for swimmers to drop their Speedos.

Members of the Irish Naturist Association can now bare all for low prices with rooms going for as little as €55 a night at Pine Tree House in Inchicore.

Owners Lena and Mark have opened up their home to guests in light of Hawk Cliffs in Dalkey becoming officially nude-friendly.

Posting on AirBnB, the pair advertise a “a more relaxed environment to that of any hotel or small apartment”.

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A nudist’™s guide to body confidence (via The Telegraph)

“The lady sat next to me was knitting a scarf, naked, except for flip flops and the guy on the other side was reading the newspaper, totally nude,” says Jane Baker, describing a scene of apparent domestic bliss. Jane, 52, who has been part of the naturist community for over two years, is one of a growing number of Britons who have taken to a starker way of life.

Indeed it seems nudity is having something of a moment, with British Naturism, the UK’s official organisation, noting a sudden increase in membership for the first time in 15 years. With 8,900 members – up from 8,300 last year – we appear to be edging towards the ‘nude not crude’ way of thinking.
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