April is poetry. So it’s time again for the annual clothes free life poetry contest. This is our fifth year and we hope it will be the best ever. Inspired by Maurice Palmerlee’s book our theme this year is new gymnosophy.  All poems entered should focus on this theme. The philosophy and practice of nudity and clothes free living in modern life. So get your pens, pencils, ball points, quills, keyboards or whatever writing tool you use primed and your poetic vibe working.


Starting April 1 through April 15th we will receive submissions. Visitors to the site can vote for entries from April 15- April 30 by rating each entry. Winners will be announced on May 1st.

Entries can be submitted using the form below. Just paste or type the text of your poem and fill in the other details. Your name can be a pseudonym, a valid email is required. The highest rated poems will win a prize from shopclothesfree.com


poetry submission

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